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A question about breastfeeding.. Lock Rss

you will be fine. smile

bf takes weeks of practice. So it probably won't make a massive difference if you go home. If anything, you might find it easier because you can just relax and get into it. If your midwife is going to visit you daily, I think going home would probably be a benefit in that respect.

Your MIL...well.... I am going to guess she experienced that or knows someone that did. roll eyes Honestly, if you listen to everyone, nobody could bf, nobody could have a natural birth.... I am sure SOME large breasted women MAY have had trouble with latching, same as small breasted women and medium sized breasted women. Few babies are great at latching straight away, they are practicing just like you. wink
Hi! I was an F cup when i had bubba and it didnt affect breastfeeding. Of course, we had to pracitse etc.. but i know every woman takes a while to get the hang of it!

One tip with bigger breasts is I personally found having DD on the side of me was easier as that's where my breast fell (depressing laugh )

You will be fine, don't let the lactation consultants bully you, I had one that was intimidating - this time I will ask her to go away and ask for someone that is a little more compassionate!

All the best x

Another piece of advice is don't waste time worrying about what MIGHT be a problem. You don't get into a car and go through every scenario of what MIGHT happen.

I have had 2 dds so far and demand bf both of them, yet when dd2 was 1 I had the beginnings of mastitis because her positioning was wrong (due to slackness on my part, but didn't really pay attention at the time) and she blocked one of my ducts. That was after 3 years of ongoing full time demand bf.
BF is learnt and will take practice. If you are like me, home is where the heart is and you heal so much more quicker there than anywhere else wub
Being more relaxed in your comfort zone should make for an easier learning experience. Plenty of local midwives, lactation consultants, and of course there is the breast feeding association also to help if there are any concerns.
I found feeding bubba on the side much easier also due to big boobies during the first couple of weeks until my breasts settled down with the milk supply.
Many new mums n bubs have latching probs regardless of the size of the breast!
You will both work it out. GOOD LUCK
I have big boobs and my DS had trouble latching - but it was due to him being really weak. I had to express and syringe feed him and finally managed to get him to latch on day 2 or 3 - but with a nipple shield. We had more problems after we got home and it took another 6 weeks before he started BF. I think if I'd gone home earlier there's no way I would have persisted with BF. It's much harder than it looks! But all babies are different so you never know, you might be lucky and not have any problems at all.
Things will probably get a bit harder when your milk comes in and your boobs turn into 2 huge watermelons blink Make sure you have a good, supportive bra that's at least a couple of sizes bigger than your current one and keep a couple of nappies in the freezer so you can pop them in your bra when your boobs get engorged. Good luck smile
We had troubles feeding, but it wasn't due to me having big boobs lol
It was because DD's latch was a bit bung!

You will do awesome smile At least you acknowledge that it's going to be work. Yaaaaaay so excited for you!!!!

I have huge boobies too and I was expecting difficulties but actually it has gone really well so far, the only complaint I have is the boobs are so heavy I have to hold them to her mouth ITKWIM? She can't keep a latch on if I let it go.
I had 12fs after dd, and yes the first weeks can be difficult and were hard for me but that was nothing to do with the size of my boobs. There are massive variations to why things can be difficult. Mine was simply not being educated about breast feeding, I just thought you stick em on and they drink! I would advise you to do a little research on latching on smile

I have lots of friends that have breastfed. Some of the various problems were due to flat or inverted nipples, bubs being tongue tied or taking a while to work out how to suck, engorged with milk etc etc. For all these problems there are solutions even though its frustrating at the time. None of my friends had problems with the size.

Im an E cup and never had issues bfing either child.

Going home straight away will be fine. Your midwife can help and there are also lactation specialists you can call on smile

Hey ladies, so after the birth I've asked to go home as soon as I can as I'd be much more comfortable here and don't like hospitals. Plus I'm confident that I will have enough support. My MIL has told me that I might have problems with baby latching because I have quite big breasts?? I'd never heard of that before.. So what are your opinions?
And if I do have trouble, is it really that necessary to stay in hospital?? My midwife will visit me daily after the birth and is pretty much on-call support. Thanks smile

I found I needed support first with feeding and I actually found the home visits more beneficial, But the hospital did still help me out they were on call when ever I needed them and that is good when ur a first time mummy!!
Im usually a 12E but go up to a f-g cup throughout pregnancy and bf'ing.

I have large boobs and had some trouble getting the latch right. I found the classic BF hold didn't suit as the breast was too heavy for a newborn. I found that propping the baby up on pillows and then supporting the breast with my hand was the best way.
I agree that you don't need to worry about things that may not happen. Relax and enjoy baby and ask for help if you need it.
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