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What type of pump do you use? Lock Rss

Hi all!

I am going to breastfeed bub when they come along (successfully this time I'm hoping as was not successful first time round) and was wondering what everyone's opinions on pump types are. With DD#1 I had the Avent Phillps Isis Manual Breast Pump and it was great-a pain with all the little bits to clean tho. I have been looking around and see there are now Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Manual breast pumps too (these were not around nearly 3 yrs ago). This one has a flexible cup that moulds to your breast instead of the hard plastic shape like the Avent has. Looks more comfortable and only has 3 pieces instead of however many the Avent one had. I want a manual as I'm only wanting to express 1 bottle a day for dad to feed with and for out and about. Has anyone used the Tommee Tippee-what do you think of it?? I am seriously considering buying it but would like to know what everyone's experience of it is first before I fork out the money.

Thanx in advance smile
Hi smile i have the electric one you are talking about.
It does come apart into a few pieces though, theres small ones hidden inside, you wouldnt see them unitl you open the box.
however i would highly recommened it, as a first time mum it was hard deciding what to do, but after a very long battle with relux my chiro advised me to give my baby a baby probiotic, and the best for this was in a bottle. so i do the same, express for one bottle a day that she has with her dad smile
It has also been great to help "stocking up" the freezer for baby sitters hehe
hope this helps smile do shop around price wise, you can pay as low as $169 or at most $229 for the same pump
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