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Has anyone weaned the night feed???? Lock Rss

My DS is almost six months old and is still waking at night.
He has been on solids for a while now and is eating 3 meals a day, plus 4 200ml bottles a day.
We is waking at around 4-5am every morning and we are still feeding him.
I recently read several books who all recommend weaning him off the 4am bottle by reducing it every night by 30ml at a time.
The reason I feel he is ready to drop it is because he has absolutely no hunger till around 9am as apposed to his breaky at 7am.

Has anyone successfully done this or should I even do it? I am beginning to think that he is waking out of habit now.

Thoughts and advice would be great.

Mum to two beautiful boys!

Hi there, what time is his last feed of an evening? Have you thought about doing a rollover feed (dreamfeed)? We did a rollover feed with our son from 3 months and it worked for us, he hasn't had a bottle overnight since. Let me know if you'd like some more info smile
i fed DS at night until he weaned from it himself. i did try a dreamfeed a few times but it didn't seem to make any difference - he was waking at the same time for his regular feeds thru the night, so by doing the DF i was really giving him more than he needed.

it wasn't until about 8.5 months that he finally dropped his last night feed (the 4.30am one). it was quite exhausting, but if he was still waking for it then he must have needed it.

sounds like a bit of a habit more then anything. Does he have a dummy? What happens if you just go in and put the dummy in and walk back out?

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