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Where did you meet your future husband? Rss

Where did you meet your future husband?
My future husband wrote to me on a dating site. I then posted my profile, all my best photos on this site. And he wrote to me. We talked for a very long time, in the end we met and now we have a wonderful daughter! You can meet your love anywhere. The main thing to believe!
wow, happy to see your love story. Fortunetly me and my husband meet on a site.We shared photos with each other. And likes each other. Now we have 5 childs. But still my husband loves me. And i love him.
I would like to tell a beautiful story, but we met on the site, nothing special. I see that I'm not the only one. The sweetest moment was when he brought me a coffee to work (bookshop), and we quietly ate sandwiches and coffee, hiding behind shelves.
My husband and I met in an online game. Of course, now, having a family, I no longer play, and my husband rarely does it. But we occasionally remember our "romantic dates" in the game.
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