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hey, i'm new here need some help with my son
What are you needing help with? how old is your son and what problems are you having?
I have an 8yr old son and second son due in 9 days, will help if I can smile
Welcome to our friendly forum. Nice to meet you in our community. What problem do you have with your son? Please describe or make a new thread. Mention how old he is some other additional information. We are always ready to help and give you some useful information.
Member171379 wrote:
I want to have a big family, too. So I plan to have at least 3 children. I've always loved being a big family. bubble shooter

A big family is the only chance for our community to live in. Two parents have to make at least two kids if we want to have at least the same population after centuries. I have older brother and sister and they are the best people I have in my life.
Member516546 wrote:
hey, i'm new here need some help with my son

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