Hi everybody
My baby is 16 months old, weighs 11.5kg, 80cm high.
She has no serious illness.
Eat three servings of porridge, one to two servings / yogurt / dairy.
She plays well and is as active as other kids.
However, I am very worried because she has been 16 months but still do not know. At home, adults are often led hands to lead children to walk.Be also very like football but have to take new bear. The family buys a pushchair but the baby refuses to walk away, only to be led by adults. When the adult let go of his hand to let her alone, she falls down immediately.
I do not know a 16 month-old who did not know how to go, have not stood up any serious problems? Do you need to add anything to go? sad The house help me with sad
sorry for not being good at english