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Natural pregnancy or to go with IVF? Lock Rss

I had 3 miscarriages...1 blighed ovum & 2 tubes are fine since both were treated with Methotrexate and theres no issues with me which doctor confirmed thru laproscopy/hysterescopy; but doc still advising to go thru ivf as i could get another ectopic if i wish to try naturally.. i am really confused..can you lovlies help me make a decision...i need a baby soo bad! I'm 33 yrs.Thanks in advance for all your help????
Hey jennifer, in this situation yo have to think about the surrogacy or other treatment. You have gone through from many complications. And by reading your post i don't think that you can have a baby naturally after so miscarriages. Your body need rest right now. You have to take care of your body. Which is the most important thing right now for you. There is nothing wrong in having a baby through surrogacy process. Talk to your husband an choose the best one for your self. Best of luck.
Hey there. Hope you are doing great. I am sorry to hear about your failures. Losing a child is a difficult thing to bear. If you ask me, I would suggest you go for IVF or surrogacy. Both of them have a high success rate. They will help you to get your own child and will give you minimum distress and pain. You must visit your doctor and discuss in detail with him about these methods. Then take some time and think about them. Only then you will be able to decide and will remain satisfied in future. Best wishes.
Much love.
Hi, Jennifer! I think you need to try IVF, many of my friends have children after IVF. This is normal now). You need to find a good clinic and a doctor, in whom you believe.
Hey there! I hope that you're doing good. I'm so sorry to hear about your MCS. It really made me sad that you suffered from such pain. It requires a lot of guts to cope with this thing. No one can truly understand this pain unless they have not experienced it. Having a family is basically a goal for every woman. It's probably the dream of every woman to have kids. Losing children is something worse than any other thing in this world for a mother. I'm really glad that you came here to share your problem. Yes, your doctor is right. You may have another mc if you try to conceive naturally. You can go for IVF but tubular problems cause difficulties in that too. It's a dream of every woman to become a mother so you can give it a try. If still, everything doesn't go right, you can head towards surrogacy. You already suffered much pain. So don't give IVF more than one attempt. Surrogacy is actually better than any other fertility treatment. It gives a chance of having children to those who can't, without any pain. Plus there's no risk in it. So I wish you the best of luck. I hope that things get right for you. Take care of yourself. Much love.
Jeniffer, I can completely understand you. First of all, I am sorry for your failures. M/Cs leaves nothing but sadness. Conceiving is the dream of every woman. You also want to be pregnant even after going through a lot. But honey, you have to sit and think about it. You want to have a baby, but by risking your life and the baby's, it is not the right way. You have to choose a way through which you can have your baby. You need to keep yourself fresh and healthy in order to do all parenting stuff. There are many methods out there to help you. IUI, IVF, and surrogacy etc. IVF gives you a chance to cherish the moments of being pregnant. While surrogacy helps you in having your baby. Both the process can be completed by the donor's eggs if you have some problems with yours.
I have been gathering information about his clinic, ever since I am afraid of being infertile. Here, I am going to attach a link, you must visit it. It will help you understand everything.
Good luck and more power to you.
Hi, Jenny. If you think you can't carry a child, do not put pressure on yourself. It will only make the conditions worse. I suggest you think about surrogacy. It's a great option. The baby would be completely yours. They take the eggs from the mother and sperm cells from husband and provide a surrogate themselves. I went to this clinic in Ukraine. It was affordable for us. Good luck.
Hello Jennifer, I am extremely sorry to hear about what you're going through. Have your hopes high surely everything will go fone. What I would honestly, recommend is that you go for IVF. As obviously our doctors know what is best for us and he knows that you have fewer chances if you TTC naturally. If you do decide to go for IVF make sure that the clinic you visit is a well known one. As when I visited a clinic who was professional at what they did my life became a lot easier. As the legal work was carefully looked at and everything was double checked. The accommodation facilities provided were also excellent. Made our trip very memorable because of it. Best of luck to you, dont be confused.
Your questions seem like a very interesting one to me. Try to consult multiple doctors about it. Do not make up your mind by one's person's advice. I am very sure that collecting more information will help you make up your mind. I would like to share a link with you. It has all the information about fertility treatments. This video might answer all your questions. I hope that I helped you out in some way.
Hi. I hope you are well. I feel so sorry for you after seeing your problem. Three miscarriages is a lot to deal with. I think surrogacy is an option for you. That way you won't have to carry the baby yourself. sometimes, when you try so hard, you might harm yourself. The risks are very high. They can get as bad as death. So don't take risks. Surrogacy is suitable for you. Talk to your doctor about it get yourself checked. Also, talk about going for surrogacy with your husband. It is a great option for people who are struggling to have their children. Via surrogacy, the child is biologically yours too. There are so many clinics offering it. The best one I heard about is in Ukraine. Check it out and see if you like it. They are affordable too. Hope this helped.
hey Jennifer, I feel so sorry for you. But hey? don't ever give up okay! life gives you tonnes of opportunities so avail them. I suggest you consult a doctor and take opinions from people about surrogacy. It's trending nowadays. I had a similar problem myself. Infertility was very harsh to cope with. So I decided to give my body some rest and opt for surrogacy. My best friend had an IVF treatment from this clinic in Kyiv called Biotexcom. She was so happy and satisfied that I decided to go for it myself. It offers the best packages with reasonable prices! I really want to help you jen, go through their website and talk to your husband about it. You deserve happiness jen and sometimes we have to find ways to our happiness ourselves. Here have a look at this and then decide for yourself! I wish you Good Luck!!
Hi, ladies. I am sorry you had to face a very difficult time in past in the shape of miscarriages.As you said you want to get pregnant naturally.My dear, I knew every single woman want this but there are some circumstances in life, that will teach you to choose some other ways in life.I would also recommend you that you go through for IVF.Don't take any risk with your life.Keep trying to better luck.The biotex clinic in Ukraine is very affordable and showing the quick response.I was also successful on our first IVF attempt.My happiness is at at the peak when I heard the 2 heartbeats on the ultrasound.To become the mother is the great blessing. I didn't know and remember that there is not like them, as a precious moment in my life ever before.I am so blessed and lucky to have this happiest moment in my life.I hope and pray that you will also get positive success in future.Good luck.
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