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How do I prepare for the baby. Lock Rss

Hi there. I just got the reports back. I am pregnant. I just got married. We weren't actively trying. However, we weren't trying to prevent it either. I am happy. However, I am quite overwhelmed too. I was only starting to come to terms with being married. Now, this is another monumental change. Can anyone give some tips? What should I do? How do I make this pregnancy go by smoothly? How do I prepare for the baby. What should I know. If you could recommend some books etc to help me through this time, then that would be excellent. Thanks!
Hi there!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You can track your baby's progress with our handy weekly tracker here:

Most mums love Baby Love or What to expect when you're expecting but i'm sure other mums on the forum will have lots of suggestions for you! Remember to join our "Due in" groups in the "What month is your baby due" section!

Best of luck!

Huggies Moderators
It is great that you are asking these questions because it shows that you care! That is the most important thing in the world and you will be a great mother because of it.

As for the books, you can read these "Mayo Clinic: Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy" and "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" - they are really great and informative!

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