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What is your nice relationship story? Rss

There are so many Mummies here who find their relationships with their DP/DH/DF dwindle a little after their babies arrive.
I don't want to ruffle any feathers, I just want to know if anyones relationship (including sex life) has gotten stronger after Baby comes along?
DP and I always had a very loving and supportive relationship, but since the arrival of DS (16 weeks ago), it's just gotten better and better! We grow more in love with each other every day and the sparks are flying more than ever.
My heart still skips a beat whenever I see him, and he still makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world (even first thing in the morning on the days I've gone to bed with wet hair and its all fuzzy and teased up to one side! lol)
Hi Leosmummy.
What a lovely topic!
It is SO awesome to hear how you and your DP are going. I am SO glad I am not the only one so lucky.
Sometimes it seems corny how much we really love each other!! its cute though!
We've been together almost 8 yrs, and married almost 4.
We met when I was just 18 and he was 29. The age thing has never bothered us, we just make jokes about it.
We fell head over heels really fast and it has just stayed that way.
We kiss and cuddle ALL THE TIME and are always affectionate physically and emotionally.
He really encouraged me when DS first arrived, making me feel like a wonderful mum.
He never wanted kids before we met, and now he has a DS and another baby coming, and he is really happy.

We talk a lot, especially about our feelings. We neevr go to bed on an arguement, and always kiss goodnight.

While I was pregnant, we discussed how we'd like to stay close as a couple afterwards. He was scared we'd drift apart, or that things would be different, but I promised him, and keep my promise everyday, that I am a wife aswell as a mum. And we often have 'dates' where DS stays at one of our parents places and we go out for romantic dinners etc

We just keep loving each other, and everything else falls in to place!

I wish everyone could feel this way.

Mum to Hayden (21mths) and Brodie (10wks)

DH and I have always gotten along really well. Since having DS, i have been quite moody and frustrated at little things. I found out a couple of days ago that i have PND, so this makes things difficult. I have no sex drive, no patience, i get hot sweats for no reason, i get tired and drained easily. The list is endless.....

Other than all of that, i have an ultra supportive hubby who helps me with everything and my son is just gorgeous. DH is working ATM and im a SAHM, we talk on the phone at least once a day just to ask how either one of us is. We communicate with eachother really well and love eachother to bits!

We do have a stronger relationship ever since DS has arrived. My DH was there when DS was born so it was pretty special for him. The only issue in our lives ATM is the no sex drive thing. Other than that, ITS ALL GOOD.

Im currently on meds for the PND so hopefully, my sex drive will come back!

I also had PND after our DD was born. My husband was great, he was the only person I had to lean on and it brought us closer together IMO.

We have been together for 5 years (since i was 17) and have been through a lot in our relationship. I'm not the easiest person to live with and he has shown nothing but tolerance and patience.

I think communication is the key to any good relationship. I always think there is no point complaining about your partner to someone else, you should just go straight to them lol.
My husband and I have always been very close, he is my best friend. We are also very affectionate to each other. Having a baby has only cemented our love for each other. I had a terrible Dad (different story, won't go there) but DS has a wonderful Dad who loves him so much. My heart just melts when I see them together (and they look so much alike). I have an anxiety problem (very simlar to PND in the way it manifests) so I have also had problems but my hubby has been a rock. I couldn't ask for better and feel blessed everyday by my wonderful family.

Hi everyone! I fell pregnant whilst living in Ireland and was forced to come home due to visa issues. While I remain close friends with my daughters (four months) father, I feel blessed to have met my partner when I was three and a half months pregnant. I told him on our second date that I was pregnant and thought I would never see him again after that! Boy, was I wrong. We've just moved in to our first home together and he is just amazing with her. He's been so supportive and treats her as his own. I was so surprised by how things worked out initially, but I wouldnt change my family for the world. Not only does my girl have her father in Ireland (who she will always know about), but she also has a Daddy who loves her. Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy!
AWWWWW arent we all so lucky!!!!
My other half and i are more in love than we ever have been n i still get butterflies when he is coming home from work.... and now that were expecting no. 2 just when our little one is 6 months old its awesome
is there honestly a better feeling than being in love!!!
My husband and I had only known each other for a year when we got married, and I was pregnant, so we didn't have much time to settle into marriage either (about 5 months) before our son was born.
We've had ups and downs like anybody else, but nothing major, and I can honestly say that there has never been a time, during our marriage or before, that our life together has ever been in doubt. We're very well suited to each other and have worked well together during the difficult times as well as easy ones (for better or worse hehe) and our marriage has gone from strength to strength.
After our son was born, sex was better than it had ever been, but now, 28 weeks pregnant with no.2, sex is not actually happening! However, we have been enjoying each other's company in other ways and are now communicating better than ever before, feeling really happy and settled and life together is even better than I'd imagined it could be!
My wonderful husband was completely into being a dad from the moment we found out we were pregnant. He's happy for me to stay home and tend to DS while he toddles off to work each day, and he usually emails/phones/texts at least once a day depending on how busy he is. He's happy to do a bath (when he's home for it!), does nappies no problem, and will feed bubs using EBM and a bottle. He cooks for me at least once a week, too, and looks after him on Saturday mornings for a few hours so I can have some time to myself (I go to yoga).
Every night when he comes home, he swoops down on bubs and yells 'attack of the father!' which makes DS smile and coo madly. The two of them then have a bit of father-son time.
And on top of that, he tells me regularly how good I'm looking (bless him!) and how much he loves me!
Our little family is just divine. I couldn't ask for more. I am truly blessed. smile

I definately do think my husband and I have gotten stronger since our son was born. He was serving overseas until recently, so a lot of that was over the phone but when he came home the both of them just connected and DS knew who daddy was straight away. It's so beautiful watching them have quality time.

We obviously have to put more effort into the communication in our marriage because 6 months away from home is a long time and this wasn't the first trip he has done either. It's the little things that count for me, making me a hot drink in the evening so I can relax, buying me little things to surprise me and make me smile, cooking for us so I can feed bub, bathing bub together, the list goes on. I feel very lucky!
What a nice topic this was to read, it also got me thinking about my DP. We had a surprise pregnancy whilst we were both overseas on working holidays. It was quite a shock that took a while to comprehend.
We now have a gorgeous baby boy who means the world to us both. I am a control freak and I know it must be difficult to live with me but he is great and puts up with a lot. Being an independent woman I had to learn to compromise and to let my guard down a bit. It was hard and I am still adapting to my new life.
I love him so much and I couldn't see my life without him in it. He is the most fantastic dad in the world and the most loving guy I have ever known. I am so glad he is mine. Maybe we should tell them more often just how special they are and how much they mean to us. I know I don't say it often enough...
Hi Leosmummy!!!!!
Yay a happy Husband story!!!! smile
I have an amazing husband too! For the first 2 weeks of having our little girl, he wouldn't let me cook, clean or do anything other than feed Armelie. (He had 2 weeks off) Now that he is back at work, he calls heaps during the day, does the 7:15am feed (first) and put Armelie back in bed. He expects me to sleep when she sleeps (which I don't do...), doesn't expect me to do anyting. (I am a clean freak!!!!) He thanks me for all I do and some times gets 'mad' (not really) when I have vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and done washing all in one day.
Every second saturday he gives me the 'day off' he gets up and gets Armelie ready, plays with her, cooks breakfast lunch and dinner. Amazing amazing amazing man!!!!
And yes the sex is better....'blush'
Ok I think I have bragged enough......I am glad that I am not the only one tho.

Please keep posting husband stories, I love hearing about other happy partnerships.

Keep Smiling Ladies,
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