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Breakfast Before Bottle Rss

Hi There

I was just wondering how old was your bub when you gave breakfast to bubs before a bottle.
My DS has lunch before a bottle but wasnt to sure about breakfast.
Thanks for your help!
Cheers Mel x
My boy is 11mths old.

I always offer bottle before any solids. (its more important they get enough milk than solids, atleast until 12mths old). But especially have to give him his bottle in the morning before solids, after sleeping all night through he's really hungry and has no patience to wait for solids. haha

cheers wink
Hi Mel,

My son is 9 months. I generally give him breakfast before his bottle. If he wakes up earlier then normal, I give him a bottle first then breakfast later. I started giving him solids first at breakfast around 7-8 months.

There is no golden rule, one book may say bottle first, the next says solids first!

Really I think you should do what suits bubs and you!

Best of Luck.

My DD is 10 months old and has all her solid meals before her bottle. i started to change over from 7 months old switching 1 meal at a time.

she has no problems drinking all her bottle after the solid meal i usually wait at least an hour before offering the bottle to make sure she has enough room.

Like someone else said do whatever works best for you and bub maybe try it one day and see how he goes

good luck

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