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10 month old not eating soilds at all Rss

Hi everyone
Im a first time mum and have a beautiful 10month old baby girl.
She has a issue with taking to soilds I have tried absolutely everything spoken to doctors, friends with children, family an nothing seems to work.
She tends to closes her mouth with everything doesn't eat off a spoon and only eats very small amounts some days then absolutely nothing other days.
I cook nutritious homemade meals all the time for her an it really upsets me that she not eating any of it and waste it.
I really do not know what to do its upsetting me an need advice desperately please.
If you worry and stress she will probably feel it too. Are there any allergies in the family that may be affecting her with some of the foods she eats? I assume you've had her checked for any digestive problems that might be affecting her eating as well? I have heard of some people putting really runny pureed foods in a bottle and seeing if they get a taste that way but have never tried so don't know how or if that would work. Does she chew on rusks? Could you try iceblocks of the food for her to suck on? I hope she eats for you soon.
Hi Clare
I'm sailing in the same boat. My 11month dd loves solids but now wont eat anything. Wont even sit on her high chair. Meal times are so stressful. Hoping it's a phase and passes away soon.
Hi there. how are you? Didn't you started his weaning when he was 6 years old? Have you consulted with doctor? What did he said? I think you should not force your child. If you will take the food away may be it will work. Your child will be have craving for that food. Please don't get worry. I think you should not react in front of him. The more you react more he will be reluctant to food. you can have a cartoon channel on TV. He may eat when he will be busy in watching cartoons. I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself as well.
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