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Daily meal plan for 10.5 month old Lock Rss

Really struggling to come up with meals for my little 10.5 month old. I feel im not giving her enough variety. She doesnt tend to like the 'chunkier' foods i give her, so has had a lot of purees. I make all her food from scratch.

Would just like some suggestions of what others give their bubs for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Do you all give a savoury then a sweet at each meal? (I have been doing this from the 'save our sleep' routines) but not sure if it is overkill.

Love any help!


I havent really experimented much with finger foods other than giving her a strawberry to eat - which she loves, and she can hold an arrowroot biscuit or teething rusk and chew on that. She has also had bread with differnt things on it and likes that. For lunch today im doing up some brocolli, carrot, potato and peas that im just steaming till soft and i will let her have a good at finger feeding with that.

I guess I tend to worry that she is eating enough when finger feeding - if she eats any of it at all!

When i say 'sweet' i have only been giving her pureed fruit - such as pear/apple, mango, peach etc. She generally has porridge/oats/weetbix in the morning with a tiny bit of pureed fruit mixed in, as well as some pureed fruit on its own after (sometimes with yoghurt although Drs have advised to cut out all dairy including yoghurts).

I had been using recipes from the Annabelle Karmel book for awhile - it was great when she was younger but she doesnt tend to like the older recipes.

With the purees, at least i have an idea of how much she is consuming - if that makes sense! She doesnt drink much with her bottles - she has 4 a day, the first one is about 180ml which she usually drains, the others are 120ml and its hit and miss as to whether or not she drinks all that.

She is offered water throughout the day and takes sips on that every now and then too.
Thanks BiebersMysteryGirl.

She has lost a little weight this month but she has been quite unwell too but she doesnt wake in the night at all for a feed which is good. I feel that she is definitely consuming enough with what i have given her to date as she generally eats all the purees put before her - unless it is a new one ive done she doesnt like.

As mentioned above, i gave her some finger food for the first time for lunch today - brocolli, carrot, potato, peas & a little bit of tiny shape pasta. It was hard to know exactly how much she ate. I found she seemed quite frustrated at it, and was wiping her hand back and forth across the tray really fast - swiping the food off. Every now and then she would pick up a bit and eat it. Im assuming in time she will get better at this.

From what others have said, and what you have mentioned your meals are like, it seems finger food types for lunch and more of a pureed meal for dinner.

I like the idea of the slow cooker meals.

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