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Cooking meat for babies Rss

My DS is 6 months old and we are progressing onto meat over the next month.

How do you cook meat and what meat do you cook?

Mummy to 3 little goblins

I've just introduced DS's first meat, chicken. I have done it a couple of ways - one is to put some nice chook breast in foil, then cook in the oven. Another is to cook some mince in a pan.

Either way, I then whiz it in the blender so its really fine and freeze in ice cube trays - then into zip lock bags. I take one piece out to 3 pieces of veggies and whalla! It does come up a bit dry but the execess water from the veggies mixes in just nicely.

I do the same thing with veggies, so have an array of different ones to mix and match each night.

Next I will do some mince and also some pieces of ham as finger food (its nice for them to suck on).

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hi DS is 7mths now. to start with i didnt actually add the meat its self, i made up my own chicken stock (so there was no salt) and i added that to his veg. It has a really strong chicken flavour and DS loves it.

I have actually been wondering the same thing. I had one friend recommend poaching the meat which removes alot of the fat (im told) and you dont get the crispy, crunchy edges. Then popping it in the blender to pulp it up for baby. I was told to start with chicken and beef.. beef would be mince I guess but im not keen on giving DS anything fryed but can you poach mince? I guess you can poach anything right?

Ill watch this post and see what people are suggesting.


I've just introduced chicken to my 6months menu...I steamed it then chucked it in the processor with brocholi...had to add a bit of extra water as I was mixing it.

I give him 1 cube of that with 1 or 2 cubes of an orange food...such as carrot, pumpkin or sweet potato and also a cube of a more watery food like zuchini....seams to work well.

Another way is to make a chicken soup, put the meat in the water till cooked then add the veggies (whatever vegies your baby likes)continue till vegies are soft....leave to cool then put in blender till you get the consistancy you like.

I'm pretty sure all meat can be boiled, so try adding different meats to the above.

Hope that helps. smile
When cooking for babies remember they don't need to diet - fat is essential for brain development!!
I took the left overs from our roast pork and put it into the blender with a little water from boiling the veges, added the left over baked potato and pumpkin and wizzed it into a puree - it smells devine when I reheat it and bub loves it - I froze it in 1/2 cup measures so that there is the exact amount for a lunch or tea. But we only give him a meal containing meat once every two days. Once it's frozen, I take it out of the plastic bowls and put about 4 serves in to each snap lock bag - and label it. It takes up much less room in the freezer that way.
Any meat should be fine, We introduced Meat, lamb, chicken and mince. DD loves it. No fish though.


just made a meat dish for my 6 mnth old today. His first go at being a carnivore and he loved it. Easy as an easy thing.

1 stalk celery chopped small (don't be fussy it gets blended)
1 carrot grated
1 small apple grated
about 100g beef mince
couple of tablespoons tomato juice (no salt)
cup of water (might need more to keep it moist or blend easily)

chuck it all in a pot, simmer 1/2 hour or so until tender. Pop it in the blender and whiz til smooth. Icecube trays and snaplock. If you don't have a blender you can mouli or force through a sieve.

As they get older you can add some pasta, lumpier mashed veges, make it into lasagne etc. Freeze lamb liver and grate it straight into meat or veges that you're cooking, it just melts into the food.

Any wet or slow cooking method is good for baby food, don't fry. Don't remove the fat as they need it at this age. I've always found meat and strong tasting veges are accepted better if mixed with fruit.
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