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6 months and off his food... Rss

hi there...

my ds has in the last couple of days gone from wanting a bottle every 3 hours to now every 4 or 4.5 hours. is this a normal thing that happens around 6 months? he isn't too interested in solids yet, he will eat a bit but i still feel as if its a struggle to get more than 2 spoonfuls into him.

he also has a bad dribble rash, so i'm thinking it may be teething issues...combined with him dropping one of his feeds maybe???

i have been trying to get him to drink extra water to make sure he is hydrated, but he will only every drink about 10ml at a time, most ends up down his front lol!!!


It sounds very normal to me. They can chop and change so much through growth spurts, developmental leaps and good old teething. I would follow his lead and have a measure and weigh with the CHN every month - thats a great way to know if he is developing within healthy boundaries, which I am sure he is.

Its difficult when they up and change on you though. I often chase my tail trying to sort it out, then DS just up and changes again!

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My little one has also gone of her milk in the last couple of weeks. She would normally have 4 bottles a day of around 200-240 mls. Now, I'm lucky if she has half! She eats breakfast (either farex or baby porridge with cooled boiled water - wont eat it with formula) and dinner is usually the same. She will not have vegies at all!!
It's very frustrating and worrying. I too hope it's teething. She also has a rash on her face and thumb (which she sucks). How many mls in your baby having per feed??
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