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What to make for 4 month old Rss

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can make for my 4 month old son? He has been eating for the last few weeks. He is a very hungary baby. I would like to make my own food for him but I just don't know what food to use and what would go well. Please help me

hay kylie

they say you shouldnt give solids untill they are 6 months but if you do i would give them no meats or poultry or fish just give them vegtables or farex... good luck with it


Some babies need food before 6 mths

I gave all 6 of my kids solids at 3~4 mths & they had weet~bix for breakfast
custard or fruit gel for lunch
vegies for dinner

I would just boil some potato, carrot, peas, cauliflour & brocolli then put it in the wizz with some salt reduced butter & milk

They would eat about an ice cube size at 3ish mths & by the time they were 6 mths were eating at the table with everyone else (having 3~4 icecube size)

Thankyou. I have also fed my two older boys early, they were hungary boys, but just canned food, so now I want to actually make food for my youngest, that way I know what is really in it.

Its pretty limited what you can give a four month old.

Here's a link to a booklet on introducing solids a&did=10039032&pid=1085467586

Milk is the most important source of nutrition to 9 months, if he is hungry give him more milk - it has far more nutrients and calories than vegies, fruit, custard or farex.

[Edited on 11/05/2008]
Yeah I do give him more milk, but he won't take it or brings it up or just won't be settled. But as soon as I get the bowl and spoon in front of him, he is happy. After the feed he is settled for a couple of hours.

after 3 kids, i daresay she knowes what she's doing.
I think just fruit and vegies. I don't know, my DS wasn't really keen on meat untill he was about 9 months.

Can I ask whether you breast or bottle feed?
Woops double post.
[Edited on 12/05/2008]
I did breast feed for 3 months. Now its bottles

I have found a womans weekly cookbook that gives you recipes and information on what and when to give certain foods. Have a look in your local bookstore in the cookbook section. We have started with rice cereal and I think we will try avocado next as it is apparently very similar in its fat content to breastmilk. I beleive it is better to introduce cereal and then vegies before fruit as it is sweet and vegies should come before sweets lol.
Ok, I read another post of yours titled Quitting and it could be all those stimulants affecting your breastmilk therefore making him unsettled. Nicotine can also affect your supply.

You could perhaps try another formula, there are thickened ones for babies that have reflux or possibly just a different brand might agree with your bub better than the current one.

All the best.
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