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hi everyone. my best friend is 27 weeks preg and i just wanted to ask you all for things you have found useful or that work for you that you didnt read in books or learn in antenatal classes... different ways of wrapping, settling,feeding issues and soltuions... anything that has worked for you that you didnt know before hand. she is pretty isolated so im trying to put together a list of everythign before she has bubs because she just cant pop round for a coffee.
so any ieas would really be appreciated.
thanks in advance
especially feeding, as noone in her family has fed before so theres no support from them. ta

With the breast feeding finding out all you can beforehand would be good as well as lining up a lactation consultant if possible at the hospital. You get lots of different advice from the midwives at the hospital and I've heard many a story (myself included) of women thinking they were doing ok with it only to find out once home that they werent and then going to formula. Some women do it easily, ALOT struggle with it so I'd suggest reading up on it and getting a professional to help her....and not leaving hospital till she is sure its going well. The Australian Breastfeeding Association would be a good place for her to contact, they are on the web.

With the rest.... well all babies are unique so I dont think because some methods work for some mums that they'll work for all mums so all you can do is get info from various sources (books and other mums) and then when bub is born see what works for her. There's no one right way to do things and routines are overated for newborns, things are all over the shop - that's the reality... and its ok, I think alot of new mums feel a bit of a failure if they dont have a routine but when you feed on demand there are no set times... wish someone had of told me that smile

Hope all goes well for your friend.
Baby's love showers always remember this especially if they have wind my children were only 3 days old when they had their first shower it is settling for either parent and baby. Also if wind problems massage them on their back (spine) just above the nappy area wind will either go up or down either way it will come out.

when having a shower with bubs wear a t shirt so thay have somthing to hold on too,

Some advice that set things up nicely for us and our son was during the day to feed every 3 hours and then after 7 or 8, let them go until they wake. We received this advice from the lactation consultant at the hospital because my son was sleeping 6 hours at a time during the day, then not so long at night time. Also, because my boobs were so engorged, the more regularly you feed, the more they settle down. As hard as it was to wake a sleeping baby, it worked and he only woke 2 times a night for the first few weeks for a feed, then once a night for the next few weeks, then slept through from 10ish until 7ish from 6 weeks.

Also, because I was so engorged, I couldn't get my son onto my right boob, so the lactation consultant recommended a nipple shield which was a god send! I weaned him off it after a few weeks - once my boobs settled down. He is 6.5 months and we are still breastfeeding, mostly because of the good help I got in hospital I think!


i all so got told as we couldnt b/f for long as she was sick so i expressed, that if you boobs are really hard to express a little before you put bubs on thay ment to find it easier to attach, thats what they made me do and go for the shield this is was i did before she went into the light box,
This is what worked for me:
While I was in hospital you just have to ask for help. If you want help bathing or changing a nappy, feeding etc. Also about wrapping.

My daughter is 5 1/2 months old now but i'm still wrapping her. I only wrap her legs so she can still get her hands to her mouth if she wants. I think she likes the comfort of being wrapped but also being able to access her hands.

Going out side is brilliant. When my daughter gets grumpy we just go outside. the breeze and the noises are so stimulating that she hasn't got time to be grumpy.

I have a glow worm too. She loves to look and listen too it.

I also found that it was useful to keep track of feeding times and what side (if breast feeding) etc. Also nappy changes. I only did this for the first month but it'd help if i still did it coz i always forget what happens when. You can buy nursing bracelets that help you with this as well. You can mark what breast you feed from. What time you fed and for how long. They're called milk bands (

Anyway, if you need any more tips just let me know. There's plenty to tell. Obviously it won't all work for your friend but I reckon it's good to try a bit of everything. Just take it as it comes and don't be stressed about routine (there's no such thing - everyday is different). Just enjoy each day and take time out to think about how luck you are!!! - Works for me.

Every baby is different, but keeping that in mind when reading what every one says. This worked for all four of my children. When brestfeading, try to have skin to skin contact for the first few weeks where posabile, it helps with bonding. you can do the same for bottle feed babies. When changing nappies, if you want to change between feeds when they get older do it when they are new born, most babies get to know when they are changed they are feed. When rapping, leave room for hands to get out, they like their hands. When going out, take everything, you never know what can happen. Always take a spare shirt for yourself, there is nothing worse than shopping and having your baby being sick over your shoulder. Clothing, always have 7 singlets on hand, one for each day, have 3 jump suits on hand not being used, get booties and mittens.

Alwyas try to keep time for just mum and baby time and same for baby and dad time and mum and dad time. It helps not only you , but dad to cope with the new baby too. It helps keep your sanity. I have 4 kids from 5 mths to 11 yrs. Always stand your ground never give in to the child, or they will keep doing it. It is never to late to ask for help with anything, people there to help.

Good luck with the baby, if you need help you can email me on, we are all here to help other mothers when we can.

Some great tips here.... With DD, I found a few things made my life bliss!!!!

I always and I mean always put her to sleep awake. This helps them learn to settle themselves, if she cried I would pat her or rock her in the cot. But once she stopped I stopped. She is the best sleeper of all the kids I know.

Wrap, wrap, wrap.. I think I stopped wrapping my little one at about 7 months (and then moved her to a sleep bag). They love the security of it, and my DD knew once she was wrapped it was sleep time. As she got bigger, I got a bigger muslin wrap.

And Breast feeding wise, I took a breast feeding course (only a few hours) before she was born... IT really helped. I didn't realise that it takes a long time at the start for them to feed. Bubs would take like 40 minutes, this gets better. Breastfeeding is difficult, but sooooo rewarding! Once you and bubs get in the groove of it, it is excellent, I loved it.

Oh, and I never took mittens or a dummy to the hospital. I was against dummies, but she liked it and I only gave it to her when she slept.

That is about it...
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