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3 month old refuses 4th nap!! Help!! Rss

Hi all, I need some help!

My DD is 3 and a half months old. She is currently taking 3 naps per day, which sometimes works if she has longer naps, but more often than not her 3rd nap ends around 2-2.30. She then refuses to sleep again at 4ish, so her bedtime can be as early as 5.30!

Typically she wakes at 7 (although that is getting earlier), then naps at 8 (45mins), 10.30 (1.5-2 hours), then around 1.30-2 (30 mins). I then try to put her down again around 4, but she just lays there talking to herself! Sometimes she will whinge until I get her up. I have tried as long as 45 minutes.

She gets really excited when I go into the room, so the shh pat methods don’t tend to work with her. She settles herself (with a dummy) for all other naps.

I have tried to extend her wake times, but she gets so tired and irritable so that’s not working.

Do I keep trying to implement the 4th nap or just stick it out until she can be awake longer, therefore her naps are more spread out throughout the day?

Ideally I would like her night sleep to be 7-7, but it doesn’t work so far!!
Any thoughts??
My 3 month old is currently catnapping also since 8 weeks. I follow the SOS routines generally but when they are catnapping at this time I find the baby wise routine more useful which is feed, play, sleep.

If you can try extend your babies awake time to 1.5-2 hours awake that may help or try to resettle them for 1 of the sleeps. They will naturally work to a 2 hours awake, 2 hours asleep routine in the next month or so when they learn how to resettle.

I find the second or third sleep I’m more likely to get C to resettle. I usually just put him in the carrier when he wakes up and walk around for a few minutes till he’s asleep then carry on what I’m doing.

I wouldn’t worry too much about dropping the last nap as they will naturally do this. If you let your little one sleep past 5 they may not go to bed at 7. It may also help if around 4.30 you go for a walk or drive which would encourage the last nap. They may have a 4th nap every few days. I usually bath my little one at 5.30 which helps him stay awake then feed at 6/6.30. You could always put them to bed at 6.30 if they didn’t have the 4th sleep.

Hope that helps:)
Hi there, how was your baby? were you able to put her to a 4th nap? (I wasn't really counting my baby's nap until I read you're thread)
My son would take a nap in the morning, around lunch time, around 2pm. The afternoon one is a bit longer sometimes until 5pm then when he wakes up and cry - I would breastfeed, change nappy, playtime until bath time around 7pmish.. Playtime includes carrying him around the house to enjoy nature and fresh air - my husband carries him around, it's his time with him when he comes home from work.
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