For babies aged three to six months, wrap your baby in a light cotton fabric, talk quietly and cuddle baby until calm. Remember your baby will take its emotional cues from if you're feeling anxious, your baby will pick up on this. If you're finding it difficult to settle your little one, you can try the following:

1. If your baby is already calm and drowsy, but them on their back in the cot. You can try dimming the lights and / or soothing music to generate a comforting atmosphere.

2. Comfort your baby with gentle ‘ssshhh’ sounds, gentle rhythmic patting, rocking, or stroking until your baby begins to calm down or maybe even falls asleep.

3. If your baby becomes or stays distressed pick your baby up for a cuddle until calm or asleep before putting baby back in the cot. Leaving them in the cot will only add to their distress at this stage.

4. Remember your baby wasn't born knowing how to self-settle so you need to help them to learn this skill during their first year of life. So be patient and remember they will eventually learn to go to sleep on their own.