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How do I get my 5.5 month old to sleep earlier!!?? Rss


My 5.5 month old goes to bed no earlier than 9.30pm! He mostly sleeps through the night waking at 7am. But I cannot get him to sleep earlier. He is mixed fed.

His sleep pattern throughout the day varies, sometimes he sleeps a couple of times in the day for 20 mins, others 1 hr twice a day and others 2 hrs say once, but it really does vary.
I am getting exhausted as it's a long day waking at 7am-9.30.

What advice have you been given that has worked? I want to get him down by 7.30pm.

P.s if we try purring him down earlier which we do many times he just screams and won't settle even with shushing, bum pat etc etc. sometimes he'll sleep for 10 mins and that's it, he's awake screaming again. He's always really grizzly at night!
Do you have a bedtime routine? If so, try moving it back by 10 minutes a day. If not, think about one to help him settle for bed.
I used the sleepstore articles when I got fed up with everlasting evenings and over a couple of weeks went from 10;30ish to 7:00.

Hi there,

Thanks for your msg. No bedtime routine. What do you mean by bedtime routine..? I.w story and bath?

That's great that you reduced the time considerably. What things did you do to reduce hours spent awake?

For a bedtime routine either my boys we used to do the last feed in a quiet darkened room, we only started stories from about 1 year old but younger we used singing or quiet music on a cd. It's a good idea to keep it in the same order every night that way they get really used to the routine.

No other suggestions but that stint of sleep without waking at night is a good one for a 5.5 month old

Dd would cluster feed from 5ish to 10ish followed by bath and feed to sleep. I let her because I thought it was what she wanted/needed but one night I just got so over it that I stopped st the time I knew she was full, put her in the bath, got her in her sleepsack and then gave one last feed to sleep in a quiet dark room, into bed with a mobile on. She responded really well so I figure she was ready for it and needed it. I think that first night was more of an 8:30 ish to bed and from there just pared it back 10 minutes or so every night until she was in bed at 7:00. I was also able to get her into bed awake slowly but shortly after that so she started self settling. She did then start having a night feed but it was quick and easy and usually at the same time, and done by 7 or 8 months.

Gradually shifting your routine forward will work - make sure its very gradual though.

But - that won't make him sleep longer! He'll just wake up earlier most likely...

Need to get his daytime naps more consistent. Babies who sleep well during the day generally sleep longer at night.
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