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Just given my 7mo a dummy? is it silly to start now Rss

up until now my baby hasnt taken a dummy, hasnt been a huge drama and i am quite happy for her not to have one, my son never did.
To cut a long story short she was a excellent sleep from 2-4mts slept 8-10hrs a night and great during the day. From 4 months after periods of sickness(in hospital 3 times) she has been waking up to 8 times a night wanting to suck on me for comfort (i can tell shes not feeding), once shes done sucking can be up to 45mins i can put her back in the cot and she settles herself to sleep.
So at 4am this morning i gave her a dummy randomly, she fell asleep and stayed asleep for nearly 4hrs both her sleeps so far today have been 2+ hours both times i heard her wake after a hour and then go back off to sleep. I think the dummy is the key, but might be to early to tell.
Do you think its silly to give her it at 7mts?
Do you think its going to create more dramas in the long term?
thanks in advance
Hi there,
I think if it was me i would have done the same!
I have a two year myself- who has a had a dummy given to him in hospital and he has always been a great sleeper with it. He now only has it for night time sleep.
Dont be hard on yourself do what work best for you dummies are a concern when they have them 24/ 7 or when they try to talk with it in their mouth!
My personal opinon they have been a god send for me!!
i gave one to DS at 6mths - he was teething and grabbed my finger one night and started sucking on it- so i gave him a dummy. He only had it for sleeps. It did take a while to get rid of it, but for those few years it was good- really helped him to relax.
I've got a 7 month old and Ive been considering giving her a dummy. Think I'll try and stick it out a bit longer but about 2 hrs after a feed she crys like she wants to be fed, almost lunges at the bottle but hardly drinks anything. then 2hrs later she has her proper feed. I'm wondering if she is just wanting something to suck on. She has always been a big thump sucker but seems to have slowed down a bit on it. Maybe she will just go back to her thumb if I leave her be.
Whatever soothes them I say.
I always say do what works. The worst thing that could happen is you will have a bad week when you decide to take the dummy away at an older age, but if it has given you months/ a year of good sleep I say it's a small price to pay.
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