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I need moral support or help or just a vent :-( Rss

Hugs hun!
I know how your feeling. My DD is the same. Was a good sleeper and now, not so much. I had a big cry this morning and i feel like poo and im trying to figure out anything that could be making wake more often. So im just writing everything down and keeping a strict log of whats happening throughout her days and nights and then sitting down and reading to see if i can figure out whats going on.
How is her day sleeps? They reckon depending on what kinda day they have can heavily impact her nights so have you changed anything during the days? She started daycare or something like that? Is she sleeping well during the day and feeding enough?
Sorry im not much help but i can sympathise.
I hope it gets better soon for you! And when it does let me know the secret!
i know exactly what youre going through. my DS has only slept through the night maybe 4 times in his life, and he got sick 2 months ago so i was up alot, and since then he is up 5-6 times a night. he's slowly getting better but still averages 3-4 times a night.

i breastfeed aswell, and my plunket nurse said he shouldnt be waking that often so recommended i upped the amount of solids at each meal he was having. that seems to be helping a little, but we're still in early days yet (she only recommended it 2 days ago)

the other thing is just to let your DD have a whinge for a little bit, they quite often are just getting themselves comfy again and put themselves back to sleep within a few minutes

at 8.5 months your probably aware of when she's actually crying for you or just being a nuisance (can't think of the right word), so i would recommend just leaving her for a little bit, or as long as you can handle, i was told to leave for 10-15mins but if you're not happy with that then even 5mins, but again if she's crying for you and KNOW its a cry that she will not go back to sleep with then just get up and do what you would normally do, otherwise just leave her for a few minutes to see if shes just making a few noises before resettling. my DS has caught me out a few times with this, lately he's been waking screaming and i swear its his teeth, so i find myself running the second i hear him cause i get a fright
I just wanted to say I feel your pain darl I'm having a rough few days and doesn't seem to end sad
I have been receiving emails from dana obelman you could google her and see her sleep solutions she sends you emails about how she might help you out and has a great book which I'm yet to buy...will when I find the time I haven't put into practise a lot of her suggestions though the sound great as dd who has the sleep problem isn't well I hope this helps sweetie good luck better days I nope ahead for us all lol

Maybe you could keep a diary for a few days and see if you can find a reason for the waking?

When DD would wake constantly and I was exhausted I would bring her in bed with me. I didn't sleep as deeply as normal but I got enough to feel a bit better.

Maybe it's time to try a different method? Remember not all babies will fit the first or second method you try.

I find that if DD doesn't get at least 3 hours during the day she wont sleep well at night. I also have to make sure her arms are warm or she continually wakes.

I think you should talk to your partner about helping out. Even if her took bub for a few hours in the afternoon while you had a sleep?

I really feel for you, I hope things get better.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I'm pretty sure I can't help much, but I am certainly here for moral support!

My DD is 2.5 years old and I am STILL trying to work out how to get her to sleep all night. I'd be happy with her sleeping until 5am! I am still up to het numerous times a night and I am so darn tired I barely function most days.

I had PND, and I know what it's like to feel down all the time and the tiredness is the worst thing for it. This may sound harsh but you're really gonna have to kick your hubby in the butt and get him to help you. Mine only started to help once I'd fallen in a heap, and still to this day only helps when I can't bare it any more. I think I've had one or two sleep in's since DD was born- not good enough!

I guess my main suggestions would be to see a doc asap and try very hard not to start any bad habits with bub, such as feeding bub to sleep, rocking bub to sleep etc.

As I got rid of one bad habit with my DD I'd start another without realising it. And so 2.5 years along, I'm still trying to work out how to get it all right.

As PP said, maybe keeping a diary will help keep track of bub's habits and help you along the way.

I don't know your situation, but I also wouldn't be going back to work yet if you don't absolutely have to. You sound way too tired to go to work, and if you're feeling down, you should really get that sorted before adding more stress into your life.

All the best and I hope you work it out soon.
Hi all,

If only our babies came with an instruction manual!! DD just turned two but last year we were having big troubles with her waking up during the night. I had always sung to her just before sleep time and when she woke up during the night (I guess she fell into the 'good sleeper' category but don't worry, we have other issues) but all of a sudden she started waking more and more during the night.

I think I read this theory in a book called 'Save our sleep'. It only took a few nights and she wasn't calling out for me as much. I would suggest though that you make sure she's just wanting attention or is struggling to self settle, as if she's hungry/cold/hot etc that would have to be addressed. And if you're child's cry sounds distressing, I wouldn't do it.

When your little one wakes up go to them and tell them it's time to sleep, re wrap or cover them with bedding and walk to the door. Some ppl stand at the doorway facing out but I would walk out the room and make sure she didn't see me. Wait one minute and then go back in again. Tell them again it's time to go to sleep, wrap/cover them and walk out again. If they are still crying, wait two minutes and repeat the process, then wait three minutes, then four minutes, then five minutes etc until they stopped crying.

To start with it might seem like it's taking forever and/or it's not working but be persistent with it and hopefully it will work for you. Just remember providing there's nothing wrong they won't die from crying. Someone I know let their child cry for 3 hours straight one night cos she didn't know what else to do, and he's still alive. smile

Good luck, and remember that consistency is key.

Poor you! My DS is a bit like this too but he's waking 2 - 3 times a night, so not as often as your wee girl!

We had some really bad days where he was inconsolable, even boob didn't work. He had 3 teeth coming through at once so we resorted to giving him Pamol on those days.

I have tried re-settling but he just keeps on crying and won't settle until he has had a feed, even though I'm sure he can't be hungry. I did try patting him last night and he lay quietly but as soon as I stopped he would start crying again, ended up on the boob again. I have just bought a merino sleepsuit so he won't be waking because he is cold!

My 8 and a half month old nephew was the same as your DD and my brother and sister-in-law did the tough love, leave him to cry approach as she is going back to work too. She would breastfeed him before she went to bed at around 10pm and that was it for the night. They didn't get up to him after that (unless of course the crying sounded really distressed). He is a changed baby now and just sleeps through pretty much! I haven't been brave enough to do this though but am seriously considering it sad

Give 'Save OUr Sleep' by Tizzie Hall a read I swear by it!!!
I bought this book when DS1 was a couple of weeks old and was not sleeping well at all we were lucky to get 2hrs all up in the night so a friend suggested it and it was fantastic after a couple of days he was sleeping 4hrs straight at night and within 2-3mths sleeping 12hours at night.
So when I had DS2 he went straight on it and was sleeping 12hrs at 10weeks of age.
Give it a read it is FANTASTIC

I have found a few things that help DS sleeping longer at night. Hopefully some of these will help (if you can try them)!

I agree with PP; night sleeps generally correspond to day sleeps and I find the better the sleep during the day the better the night sleep.

Wearing him (I use an ergo, but you could use a sling or something similar that is okay for baby's spine and development) during the day or just before he goes down for his night sleeps. He usually sleeps a lot better in the ergo, and better after he's been in the ergo.

He has been teething lately and I bought him an Amber bracelet which seems to really make a difference to his sleeps. I also rub some Hyland's teething gel on his gums (he likes that). It has chamomile which helps calm him.

I find if I drink a cup of chamomile tea before his night feed can help to settle him.

A nice warm bath, followed by a massage - (I use Gaia massage oil - lavender, jasmine and chamomile) it seems to relax him.

He sometimes whinges and is unsettled in his sleep but doesn't wake...I will roll him on his side, put his knees up toward his belly, have on hand on his shoulder/arm and one hand on his bottom. If I (very) gently 'jiggle'/pat him he settles. (Not sure if that's a bit of wind or something? but that helps).

Pinky McKay is an author promoting sleep in children without using controlled crying or crying it out too, it might pay to check out some of her books.

Good luck, I really hope things get better for you!
(And Happy Mothers' day!)
Oh sweetie, I hear you! My first baby didn't sleep for the first 6 months! She would wake every hour during the night!! Sleep deprevation is a horrible thing. It does make you depressed! ...I was so sleep deprived that I accidently reversed into our garage door (I forgot to press the button for it to open automatically!).....I knew then that I had to do something. Lucky for me, when I rang my local hospital and said I was at the end of how much I could handle (this was 2 sleep schools later)...they sent out a nurse to sit with me during the day and sort out what was going on. It was then that she noticed that my little baby was crying in pain, turns out she had reflux - which also explained the weight loss she was experiencing! That day was a turning point for us and 3 weeks later (once she was on medication) I had a healthy happy sleeping baby!

Go with your gut feeling regarding your baby. If you think something is wrong, have it checked out.

Little things to try:
* Make sure your baby is otherwise healthy, happy during the day, and getting enough food and pooping - sometimes if my kids are are constipated they can't sleep.
* Have you changed the routine?
* Is your little one trying to achieve a milestone? ie. if they are trying to crawl, sometimes they don't sleep well because they are trying to work out how to do it
* Teething?
* Getting enough food during the day? If your little one is 8 months, maybe eating more 'chunky' food can it may be more satisfying

Do you have a maternal health phone number you can call? Sometimes talking to someone can help. Is there a hospital that offers 'sleep school' - the nurses may have some more ideas for you.

A friend of mine gave me a book 'Sleep right, sleep tight, by Rosey Cummings, Karen Houghton & Le Ann Williams - it really is a sleep bible!

AND importantly - Turn to family and friends for support. You are not alone and I am sure you are a great mummy! open with your partner and let him know how you feel.

Sending you lots of 'cyber' hugs ooooooxxxxooooo

P.S I still can't figure out why the TV comes with a manual and babies don't!!!
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