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Need help from attachment parenting mums Lock Rss

Our nearly 10 month old has been teething for the last couple of months and has 5 of the 6 teeth that have all come through at once, just one more to go!

Obviously her night time sleep has been disrupted with waking several times through the night. DH is having disrupted sleep and I'm barely sleeping more than 3-5 hours total a night.

I am beginning to think though that she has now gotten into a pattern and wakes every night between 2-3am. We dont give her bottle and she usually drifts off to sleep in my arms fairly easily but at this time of the night/morning she's not going back into a deep sleep and every time I try to put her back into her cot, she wakes up, so inevitably she sleeps on me till DH gets up at 5am and I can then put her on the bed beside me. If I'm lucky I'll get half an hour before DD1 wakes up for the day.

Putting the cot next to my side of the bed isnt an option as we dont have the space and sharing the bed doesnt work either as she doesnt settle and it also makes DH nervous.

Are there any other Attachment Parents out there who can give me some advice or tips?


would love to help out rach but my methods are kinda the opposite hehe.
hope someone else can help you ???!!!

not looking very hopeful is it! lol
Two words for you Rach....Elizabeth Pantley. <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span> She's also on Facebook if you want to do a search for her.

I borrowed my copy of the No Cry Sleep Solution from the local library, but in the end we only needed to do one thing, though our initial issue was one where he refused to sleep at all more than a didn't want to be put down once asleep. What we've gradually been doing over the past couple of months recently is sitting with A until he falls asleep; this has varied, and started with us right next to his bed so he could touch us if he wanted to. We then progressed to the hallway and now we don't have to sit at all. This was all after a holiday mucked with both boys sleeping, A was 'self settling' before that. There could be a touch of separation anxiety at work here too. Pinky McKay is apparently 'baby friendly' as well but I haven't read any of her books. Funny thing was that it was only at night.....during the day you could put him to bed awake and leave him. <span class="emoticon wacko">wacko</span>

Don't know that I fit the attachment parent requirement, but this is what I'd do smile Do you have a spare room? Just as a temporary thing so that you and bub can just get through this stage of teething (hopefully things improve soon) If you are not getting up to bub, but able to stay in your own bed to comfort her then hopefully you'll not be feeling so tired in the morning and also with more space in there without your dh she may settle into a more deep sleep too.
Thanks C & Ruby for your replies. Sadly no spare room to camp in while teething is in full swing.

Elizabeth Pantley worked absolute wonders for Stella and as I mentioned on FB she has gone from absolutely no sleep at night to being the perfect sleeper....but her methods arent working for Zara. Might have to have another in depth read of her web page or venture out to the local library and have a read of the book.

Thanks guys!

Try reading Pinky McKay too - she is brilliant!!

I co-slept with my son - He moved into my bed with me at around 11mths after two horror months (he slept through from 8 weeks). Sep Anxiety was at work. DH moved into spare room as he hated sleeping with bubs too...then I moved son onto a cot mattress on the floor beside my bed (doesn'take much space) and he slept there for about 6 months, so DH could move back into bed. Now he is in a big bed in his own room - all in their own time!!

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