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Cat napper Rss

My little girl, Halle, is 11 weeks and she is a bit of a cat napper during the day also. Her day sleeps are normally an hour but sometimes more, sometimes less. She doesnt cat nap all the time though, we worked out its only during those 'wonder weeks'
If your bubs is happy with just napping it must be all she needs smile
Sometimes when Halle cat naps, come bed time she is over tired and harder to get to sleep!
Thats great ur bub goes to sleep at 5pm, she's a good night sleeper!
Halle doesnt go to sleep till 9/10ish despite having a bath at 7.30 every night too! Then she sleeps till 3/4.
Your doing a great job smile
My DS2 is/was a catnapper also. He would sleep well at night but have 3 or 4 catnaps during the day. I had a lactation consultant / mothercraft nurse come to the house and she showed me how to resettle. However after 3 weeks and no progress I gave up. I started to go into him when I heard him talking etc and giving a little bit of water and then leaving him again and he would go back to sleep. Now I tend to get 2 x 1.5 hour sleeps out of him plus 2 x 1 hour sleeps and he is much happier. Sometimes after 1.5 hours I can give him a little drink of water and he'll have another hour. He had started to sleep terribly at night as well waking 2 or 3 times but for 2 out of last 3 nights he has gone back to waking once only. In bed at 7 up between 6-7am. He is 12 weeks old. He really fixed himself I just gave up and it started to get better...
I am glad I am not the only one! My bubb is now 18 weeks and still really has 1/2 hour naps, maybe up to 1 hour if we're lucky. It's driving me bonkers at the moment when you're trying to get things don, or just trying to spend time with my other DD.

I have tried, wrapping, leaving her arms out, dummy in, dummy out, music on, music off, nothing seems to make any sort of difference.

However, If I get lucky enough to have a nap with her, she'll hapily sleep there for as long as I do, but when I get up, almost guarenteed, within 5 mins whe'll be awake.

Try keeping her up for an extra 15 mins more than you normally would and see if that helps.
It did with my son, he has 2 x 2 hour naps during the day and one latish afternoon nap for about 30-45mins.

Cooper 24-7-2009

Yep my DS (3.5mths) was a terrible catnapper...still is most days but slowly he has started to have the occasional longer sleep. If he wakes from a catnap and is irritable I attempt to resettle - and he normally only will on his tummy (normally sleeps side/back)but i certainly do not have a 100% success rate.

How often do you try put bub down?...that is one serious catnapper 2x20mins yikes!!

...really watch for the tired signs, maybe try putting her down more often - she could have very subtle tired Ds goes jekyll & hyde on me way before he yawns lol...bubs don't have to be completely wiped out to go to sleep and often if they (well with mine) go to bed overtired they wake up from the first cycle cranky.

Also how does your bub get to sleep - self settle/fed/rocked/dummy etc..?nothing wrong with any of these ways, they will just expect that again to get back to sleep.

Otherwise hopefully as she gets on the move and really tires herself out she will be stuffed and realise sleep is GOOD hehe.

Good luck smile

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

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