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5 1/2 month old day sleep HELP!! Lock Rss

Oliver is almost 6 month old.

He goes to sleep at 7 / 7.30 and nods off straight away. Usually he will sleep till 1 or 3, then up at 530 where we put him in out bed and he snacks and goes off to sleep again till 7 /7.30am.

He has a nap at 9 and usually again at 11 and 1pm, a half hour kip at 5 and back in bed by 7pm again.

My question is.....

When he goes for his 9am nap, he will go staright to sleep and only sleep 40 minutes! i try to settle him again which usually means getting up for cuddle or burp or new dummy etc etc, and because he wakes up too early he wants to sleep again at 11am. If i could get him to sleep through a bit longer he would not need this 11am sleep.

Any tips of how to get him to sleep longer at 9am nap?

He loves his dummy and sleeps with 'raggy bear' over his face (much to my dismay lol) and he is not wrapped.

Ive tried letting him cry back to sleep but i dont like it as he is not a big cry-er....he gets quite emotional lol when i do this so tend not too.............

i doubt anyone can help but worth a shot.


Hi there. Maybe you could try keeping him up a little longer in the morning, maybe stretch him out by 15 minutes every couple of days til maybe he goes down at 9.30am. Also have you tried any resettling techniques in the cot, ie, patting, bodyrock, gripe water, or white noise?
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