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4.5mnth old thinks day starts at 5am Lock Rss

For the past few weeks my little 4.5month old boy has decided that the day starts between 5-5.30am.(he starts stirring on and off from 3.30am) I have tried everything I can think of to make him sleep longer. I have tried:
- night feed (doesn't help)
- change nappy (doesn't work)
- offering water (doesn't work)
- putting to bed later at night (doesn't work)
- letting him grizzle (doesn't work, just gets worse)
- putting him in baby sleeping bag incase cold (doesn't work)
- heater in bedroom, incase cold (doesn't work)
- heater off, incase hot (doesn't work)

HELPPP.. any other suggestions that I haven't tried. There are no noises that wake him. I also have a toddler to deal with all day, so the early mornings are killing me..

You poor thing, I completely understand. My son I(now 6 1/2 months) has thought that the day starts at 5am since the day he was born, this makes for a very long day for all! It sounds like you've tried almost everything. We made it a rule to keep trying to resettling until 6am, something you might like to try for settling is gripe water, I was introduced to this at sleep school, its primary use is for wind, but is great for settling. I just used 1.5mls by syringe - can be hit and miss but well worth a go. But get the one from the supermarket and not the chemist one, the one from the chemist contains alcohol and also tastes revolting

Hope this helps you

Thankyou so much for your advice. I must try and get some today and try it tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it gives us some relief haha.

The only things I can think of is;

-getting him up & taking him back into your bed
-if you are not wrapping him anymore maybe try reverting back to wrapping (or just wrapping him when he wakes at 5am)
-use white noise or lullabys

My son doesn't wake at 5 am (touch wood!) but his times have been getting earlier and as he is sometimes a catnapper during the day I have to resettle & I find the only thing that *sometimes* works is playing lullabies thru the baby monitor or getting a radio and putting it off station so it has that 'shhhhh' noise. (white noise). It's up quite loud and will take about 5 minutes for him to go back to sleep with this on.
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