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When to stop wrapping a baby Lock Rss

My daughter is 4.5mths old and I still wrap her when its nap time or bedtime, she sleeps longer and better from being wrapped. She has a dummy and i've found when she's not wrapped her hands wake her up. So my question to you is, when should i stop doing this....i don't want to be doing it when shes 12 mths old?

I know how you feel, my son slept beautifully whilst wrapped and we had the issue with him waking himself with his hands. But when he started rolling over it was time to start unwrapping him. We did it slowly, and started by just leaving one arm unwrapped so it wasn't such a shock for him, then moved him into a sleeping bag - worked great!
We stopped wrapping DS at around 5.5 months, like your daughter he was just very reassured by it and slept beautifully! By that age he was turning onto his stomach on his own to try and move around the cot and I didn't want him to be stuck face down.
Like the PP mentioned, it can be a bit tricky weaning from it though! We did it buy gently loosening the wrap at each sleep until we just put a blanket over him, which he eventually just ended up sleeping on top of anyway smile

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