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when did you stop doing the 10pm feed Lock Rss

i've been dreamfeeding my nearly 6 month old for a few months now.. last week he's been waking between 3-4am and then 5am i've tried to give him a bottle at 5am, he's not hungry. he's just cut his first tooth.. so i know that's why he's waking. but i wonder when i should let him go till morning? he still takes the full 200ml bottle, but he's still waking. he used to go till nearly 6:45am now it's up and down and i'm getting my 3 year old starting to wake at 5:30am with all the commotion, i'm only getting 4 hours sleep ;-(
[Edited on 25/06/2009]
Oh god do i feel your pain LOL (not funny tho)
My DD2 who is now 4 mths old has slept the whole night through since 6 weeks (that was with a 10pm dream feed) I stopped the dream feed at 8 weeks (as i forgot to feed her once at 10pm,and she still woke at 7am YAY) but the last 2 weeks she is waking around 3am then 6am.. what the? My DD1 who is 2.5 is waking up aswell when she hears her sis..OHhh i was so use to having full night sleeps.. now we are back to the start again.....
I am thinking the is either teething (which probaly very unlikely as DD1 was 12 mths before she cut her first tooth) or is HUNGRY and needs to start solids..

With my DS (now 10 months), I dropped the 10pm dreamfeed when he was established on soilds.
He started soilds a few weeks before 6 months, and has slept great since!

Your DS maybe cold? Too much sleep in the day?

Sorry not much help!

I started dreamfeeding feed when ds was 3 months old and completely stoppped it when he was 6 months. I did it slowly by bringing the time forward by 15 minutes every 3 days until i was giving it at 9pm. Also I started decreasing the amount of feed every 3 days until he was only having 60mls, then stopped all together which worked wonderfully! I think I was too scared to go cold turkey on the dreamfeed just incase it didn't work. I found this method on

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