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Day Sleep Routine 11 to 12 Months Rss

I was just wondering what sort of day sleep routine others have with 11 to 12 month olds. It seems that a lot of bubs still have two sleeps a day at this age, but that often not the case for me and my DS of nearly 12 months.

My DS will generally have a good morning sleep of 2 - 3 hours and that is often it for the day. I have heard that maybe I should be trying to move his sleep to around lunchtime to reduce the awake time for the afternoon even though for the most part he does cope very well.
my DS is 11.5 months and has 2 x 1.5 hour sleeps, or a 1.5 and a 45 min. I somethimes even struggle to get in 2 sleeps a day. If your boy is having a 3 hour sleep, he will probably be ok with just having one. Why don't you give him lunch at 11.30, and put him to bed at 12.30 or 1.
3 hours is the most. It's usually 2 to 2.5 hours. He would really struggle to get through to 12.30 or 1.00 without a sleep. Maybe I should just be guided by him and leave it as a morning sleep. Sometimes it's hard to do things cause groups and activities are generally in the morning.
Hi there. My 1 year old is doing the same.Sometimes 2 sleeps but sometimes 1.There is no way he can last until 12.30. I am putting him to bed quite early in the evening,like 5.30pm but he is sleeping until between 6am and 7am,so it seems to work for us.Its hard in this transition stage.As he gets older I will move the morning sleep and the evening sleep later.

Cheers, Cynthia.
We too are in the same boat!!

My almost 11 month old DD is almost ready to go to one day sleep. She will go about 3 days in a row only wanting one, then want 2 one day, then back to just one again. We're just playing it by ear at the moment....but its a bit of a struggle.

On the days she only wants one sleep she will have a "rest" in the afternoon, where she gets very tired and grumpy looking, so I put her in the cot (or pram and take her for a walk) and she will shut her eyes and look like she's about to have a sleep and then 5 minutes later you can hear her chatting away to herself in the cot! She will normally be happy on her own, chatting and laughing for about 30 min and then she calls out to me and I go and get her. She is often re-charged by then and full of beans. Its almost like she just needs a little break from her busy life!

That being said, she gets up between 5:30-6:30 and is desperate for her first sleep at 9:30. We tried stretching her until 10:30 to try and get the amount of time awake a bit more even morning and afternoon, but she didn't sleep as well in that sleep, and then would have a really disturbed night sleep. She will sleep between 1.5-2.5 hours. And she's ready for her bath and bed at 6pm.

Sorry, very long answer for a simple question...I guess what I'm trying to say is that it seems there are lots of us out there trying to sort out what to do with day sleeps, but that trying to stretch to one afternoon sleep is not necessarily going to work for everyone. We certainly couldn't do it, but seem to manage a long stretch awake in the afternoon!


PS Very glad to find this post and read everyone else's replies - always nice to know you're not the only one who had a nice routine worked out and lost it suddenly!

Helen it was great to read your posting. I completely agree it's great to find others in the same boat.

My DS will also sometimes have a chill out time in his cot in the afternoon. I take it as it's still resting from crawling, playing with toys etc. A bit like if we just lay on the lounge, but not actually sleep we can feel revived.

Despite all my efforts to try and control or understand things I have yet again come to the conclusion to just go with it and accept that each day can be different. And just when you do get a bit of a pattern that it is likely to change anyway.
hi there

just wanted to add cyh recommends they have two sleeps until 12-15mnths my nearly 11 month old is also in a transition stage going on one sleep, thats all he wants but does get tired around4/5. I have been trying to put him to bed later and later in morning unless he gets really tired they should soon get used to it, does make my life easier with a toddler. Although i think today he is going to have two sleeps as he was up 5.30 aaargghh damn daylight savings. My first had 2 sleeps till 14 mnths so i think they will let you know when ready.


My son is 13 months and dropped to one sleep a day at 8 months. His afternoon nap is from approx 1-3pm. On reason he dropped the second nap so early is that he was sleeping for 15 hrs a night and not waking from his night sleep until anywhere between 10 and 11am.
My now 10 month old generally has a 40mins sleep in the morning, then 1.5hrs in the afternoon. However, today when I went to put her down for her moning sleep, she was very unsettled and just wanted to babble and play. Tried for 1/2hr then tried taking her for a walk. Still no success. I decided to try keeping her up and see if she would have a bigger afternoon sleep. I gave her lunch at 11.30 and put her to bed at 12.30. It is now 2pm and she just woke up!!! I was desperately hoping she would sleep at least 2 hours. It's now going to be a very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG afternoon til bedtime (7.30pm). Not sure if she is ready to drop her morning sleep. I figure if she is still happy to have a nap, why not.
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