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Why is she waking up? Rss

Hi mums,

I have an amazing 6 month old who has just decieded that it is ok to wake up 4-6 times between 11pm and 6am. I am going cray with no sleep. She sleeps really well duirng the day, sometimes up to 2 1/2 hours, but she can't seem to settle herself during the night until I have fed her. I didn't have any of these issues with DD1.

Any advice would be great.


She isn't teething is she?
Does she really need a feed or is this the only way she'll settle? Do you use a dummy?
You ask a question...I ask a question...not much help am I! :smile]
Will check back later...


6 month growth spurt maybe? In that case it will pass. If it's teething it might take a little longer (I don't know, my DD who is a couple of weeks older than yours isn't showing any signs of teething yet, so...)

The quickest solution is usually just to feed her, if that's what settles her, rather than fighting trying to find some other way to get her to sleep. The thing with babies is that they are all different, and they don't always maintain the "good" sleep patterns that they may have had for a while. The only thing I can suggest is to do what works best to get her back to sleep, and try to ride it out. It won't last forever, but I know how awful it is to have been used to a good long stretch of sleep and then suddenly have that disrupted.

Kirsten smile]

it could be teething, my DS has been like this on and off for around 2 months now, and at long last this morning he woke with a sharp tip of a tooth thru his gum...i can't see it but i can feel it. i think his teeth have been moving up and down for a long time and bothering him, as he was sleeping really well before that.

as pp's have said, if a feed gets your baby back to sleep then continue doing that, or maybe give a natural teething medicine a try - such as hylands teething tablets or brauer teething relief. i found the tablets have worked best for DS. and because they are natural rather than medicine i dont feel bad giving it to him even when i am not entirely sure if he is upset with teething or not.

My little man has been doing the exact same thing for about 2 weeks now (he was sleeping through prior to this). He just got his first tooth 3 days ago, so I think it could be teething. Apparently babies have their light REM sleep in the hours after midnight, (their deepest sleep is before 12pm), so she might be waking up more because she's sore. You could try the usual teething remedies just to see?? I will usually give my DS a feed whenever he wakes up recently - mostly for comfort - he's very sore. I'm just trying to ride with it & hope it doesn't last long. Sorry it's not much advice. Good luck smile
PS. As the others said - it could be a growth spurt too. It's happening all at once for us right now!!

Maybe bub needs to start solids? Just a suggestion.

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