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How much longer of broken sleep? Lock Rss

My son is nearly 4 1/2 months old and is generally a good sleeper at night, he has bath at 6pm, bottle and in bed by 7-7:30pm and he'll usually sleep right through till about 5am, have another botthe and then go back to bed till about 7ish. Im sure there are some mums out there dying for their babies to sleep that long but im curious, how long until he might sleep right through 7pm-7am, im just so tired from broken sleep. Sometimes if it's a hot night he'll wake up earlier, like 3 or 4am. Ive started solids, just a little at dinner time around like 5-5:30pm, not to make him sleep longer, just cause i felt he was ready, but regardless, it hasnt made a difference to his sleep
Wow, he's such a cutie! What a gorgeous little fellow smile]

Lack of sleep really sucks, doesn't it? My DD sleeps well (feeds at 6pm after her bath, in bed by 7pm, we dreamfeed at 10.30pm, and she sleeps through til 7am more or less) but I'm having sleep issues of my own at the moment and am pretty tired too.

There's really no hard and fast rule on when they will sleep until when we want them to, sorry to say. They're all so different. Have you tried a dreamfeed at all? I know it "works" for some and not for others.

DD isn't on solids yet so I don't have any personal experience with solids and sleep, but what I've picked up around the place is that for some, introducing solids seems to result in longer period of sleep, and for others (like your DS I suspect), it makes no difference. Just another individual thing, I guess.

My health sister suggested dream feeding by waking him around 10pm, but he's in a pretty good routine of at least sleeping through from 7pm -5am that im scared ill just teach him to wake at 10pm and it wont make a difference. I dont want to ruin a good thing. ill keep it in mind though, thanks.
I think you just have to ride it out, every baby is different. I was lucky with mine, she's been sleeping 12 hours straight for a while now. But I let her decide when she was ready. She suddenly started sleeping through her 2am feed, which was great, then she dropped her dreamfeed. We still have the occasional bad night when she's teething but we never have to feed her between 7pm and 7am anymore. I know it's really hard and realy tiring (sp?) but he'll get there on his own. BTW what a cutie!
at around 4.5 months my DS was still waking up at 4am for a feed. he did this until about 2 weeks ago. now he usually wakes up just after 6am. twice now he has woken up just before 7am. today it was 6.30. so he is getting there! they will do it in their own time, until then maybe try having at least one nap or just a lie down during the day when he is sleeping.

well im excited to announce that last night he went to bed at 7pm, i heard him talking to himself at around 1am but i didnt go in his room and he went back to sleep after a few minutes and then before i knew it he was crying at it was 7:10am! Hopefully this might be a new pattern and he wasnt just waving a full nights sleep under my nose to tease me smile He's a good boy, I was impressed...fingers crossed
This might make you feel a little better...My son is 4 months old and last night he woke up 9 (!) times between 6.45pm and 6am. This is a regular occurrence 9pretty much every night) and I am GOING OUT OF MY MIND!!! How have you managed to get your son sleeping the way you do? I think you've done a great job getting him into the routine you have. Any suggestions for a hopeless and sleep-deprived mother like myself? I don't know what I am doing wrong, but my 3 and a half y.o would wake around 7 times a night for the first 20 months, and it looks like I'm heading down the same path with DS2. Is controlled crying really the only thing that works?

What have you tried already? 9 times a night is pretty tough, I imagine! Can I suggest having a look at Elizabeth Pantley's The No Cry Sleep Solution? It's about gentle, loving ways to help your baby sleep - without tears! Check out her website for starters. One of her bubs used to wake 8-10 times per night too!

Hope that helps,

Kirsten <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]

PS. Yay for Dion!

Your son sounds a lot like my daughter. Last night was six or seven times...I cant remember I lost count. Shes four n half months now. When she was 10 weeks old we took her to tresillian because she just screamed all the time, and would not sleep at all during the day (but we were getting 9hours + out of her at night). Since her day times have been somewhat sorted out, she has become a nightmare throughout the night, and instead of screaming all the time she just whinges cos she's overtired.
Ben was an angel sleeper (and still is most of the time) who occasionally had a lapse and we'd use controlled crying and it would work after 2 days, but Erin is a whole different kettle of fish. Nothing that worked with Ben works with her.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd also be happy to hear about them.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

DD is 14 months old and we still dont get a full nights sleep sad everyone told me not to worry she would settle down around 6 months and she did...for a week til she started getting her teeth through!!! some nights she will sleep thru but most nights im up between 1 and 3 times...oh the joys
I didnt do anything special besides from early on i have done the same bedtime routine night after night, bath at 6pm, bottle and bed by 7-7:30pm and he just learnt. From about six weeks old he'd only wake up twice a night. The weather in Melbourne is shocking this week though 40degrees+ everyday so we had to resort to buying a portable air con for his room cause i was struggling just getting up 3 times last night, plus he didnt want to settle till 10pm last night...i was a walking nightmare this morning cause my husband left for work at 6am so i slowly losing my mind. I dont know how you find the energy for 9 times! I hope all goes well, to be honest for me controlled crying doesnt work, if i let him cry, when i finally go in, he just smiles up at me from the cot and i cant resist to pick him up
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