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Can someone please help! I have the most stubborn 10mth old baby girl. She is refusing to sleep ever! This has been going on for 2 months, getting worse all the time. She can now stand in the cot and scream out for me. I have been reading the book Save our Sleep, and tried the lay down technic, but today I had to lay her down 107 times! When the book says it should only take a max 60....
She is always a happy baby when she is awake. Any ideas?
Hi there,

the first thing I would do is throw the book away! You are the best person to know what your daughter needs. Will she let you rock her to sleep? Pat her bottom while she is lying in her cot? Put her into bed with you? I know it's really easy to worry and stress when you're tired, but you need to establish a relaxing/positive feeling about bedtime for your daughter. Does she have a bedtime routine? If you don't it might be a good time to start one. If so, maybe you need to change things around a little bit?
Hope something works for you soon and you get some sleep smile
Hi there, I had the same problem with my DS. I used to go into his room so many times to lay him back down until I got so sick of it. What I did to fix this problem was to put him into his cot when it came to sleep time and give him a kiss, walk out and NOT return to his room at all to lay him back down. At first he would stay standing or crawl around in his cot for up to 40 mins before going to sleep. I have a monitor so I could here him. And now 2 weeks on, I put him to bed and it only takes him 5 minutes to go to sleep. He now has got the hint that mummy is NOT going back into his room once put to bed. I recon they love it when you keep going in to them and they think its a game. Well I'm happy to say the game is over for us smile May be give that a go. I hope it works for you and it does take a few days to start working.Good luck.
I have not had this problem and hope I never do but I know someone who did. They tried for weeks doing everything they could do. The DD was so stubborn and not to mention quite smart in that she obviously knew what got her parents attention.

In the end she had to let DD cry it out. Both parents had to stick together on it and hold each other back as it took 3 nights but never happened again. Parents won! Apparently it took 2 hours the first night, 1/2 an hour thesecond and 5minutes the 3rd.

It obviously depends on the issue. The mother knew for sure that her daughter was playing her. No other techniques worked so it was the only thing they could do.

Good Luck! I do hope you find a better method but sometimes there isn't anything else that can be done. People say that babies always want something when they cry. That is true but sometimes they want to just get out of the cot and in that instance you need to be the parent.
hi there, i too followed this book using the lay down technique on my 8 month and after literally hours of laying down he was still not sleeping. he continued waking hourly overnight and standing, this went on for some weeks, with no relief. In fact i think he was just confused with doing the lay down then just standing in the room waiitng for him to fall asleep... he never did. Needless to say this book didn't work for us. What i did was pop him in bed and walk out, he stood up, but i kept out for 10 mins. he was yelling and cranky, but i perservered. anyway after an hour of going in and out he was asleep, he didn't wake for 4 hours which was unheard of. i fed him then, then he woke an hour or so later, called out for 5 mins and was asleep, then woke at 4, fed him and slept till 6 or so. Next day contiued the 'put in bed and just walk out technique' going in after 10 mins and he was asleep in 15 mins.... anyway continuing this for a week, he falls asleep after a 5 minute whinge and wakes at 11 and 4, then wakes at 8am. absolute bliss after waking hourly or more for the last 3 months or more. I thought he wouldn't know how to sit down and lie down, but somehow he managed. Is this mean? i don't think so, i tried co-sleeping, tried feeding whenever he wanted, bottom patting etc, but there is only so long both of us could continue waking hourly overnight or more. Now we are both happy. he is very happy during the day, and i'm just happy i can enjoy him during the day. hope this helps.
My friend put a sleep suit for each sleep (day and night) on her bubs it stopped her from standing up so easily and stopped the problem.

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