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Hi all,

need some advice, dd2 is 10mths old and still sleeps in her cot in our room, most of the time. I say this cause she sleeps half the night with dh and me in our bed cause she's really hard to resettle.

This my problem, she doesn't self settle, she is held to sleep evry sleep and she has a dummy. I have her in our room still cause she is so unsettled most nights that she ends up in bed with us most of the time which is why i'm so reluctent to move her to her room as i'm not in the mood to start running through the house several times a night and i dont want her to wake dd1 2yrs.

Although i have heard that sometimes moving bubs to their own room can make a huge difference in that they sleep better as they are not disturbed in any way.

Has anyone experienced this?

a couple of times i've stayed at mums house and she did sleep in a separate room and much to my delight she did sleep through without fussing or waking, but dont know if this was just a coincidence.

What are your thoughts, should i attempt to move her?

[Edited on 21/11/2008]
[Edited on 21/11/2008]


Perhaps you could try the self settling techniques on this website, you need to be persistant and you will thank the gods that you persisted once she can self settle.

We moved DS to his cot at 8 weeks, he was an ok sleeper, but getting him to sleep was terrible. Because I cuddled, rocked or fed him to sleep.

He has been a fantastic sleeper since, of course there were rough patches, growth spurts, teething etc, but I feel we've been so lucky at DS being able to self settle from such a young age.

Some people might say there is nothing wrong in what you're doing, so just go with works for you, and if it isn't working anymore, then just try it.

edited to say DS still has a dummy and is 1 week short of 9 months.
Good luck smile
[Edited on 18/11/2008]

We just moved our 7.5 month old to his own room, thinking he would sleep better. And a week later, he is still waking every 1 - 3 hours just like in our room. Its just a bit more inconvenient to keep getting to his room, your more likely to let them try and settle themselves if they are not right near you though.
My DS is 8 and half months and we also still have him sleeping in our room, sounds like exactly the same situation as you.. im also interested to hear if moving baby to their own room made them sleep better?

maybe you could set up a portacot in her own room and try it out for one night to see how she goes. it is just one night, so if she fusses and wakes DD1 then it is only for one night IYKWIM.

it could be that the noises of 2 other people in the room are stopping her from going into a deep sleep, so she wakes more easily? i know if i go into DS's room at night shortly after he has gone to sleep and watch him for a bit, sometimes just me being there wakes him up, even if i haven't made a noise...

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