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My 9.5 month old is normally great at getting herself to sleep. She has a little whinge sometimes and then goes straight to sleep. But since she has started standing a little [not walking yet] she stands in the cot at bed time and won't lie down. So we've been following the SOS Lay Down Approach but we always end up going in to lie her down after about 20mins cos she just stays standing... Have been trying to teach her how to sit and she can do it... Any hints?
Did you manage to solve this in the end? We're having the same probem with our 9 month old daughter. Fortunately she generally goes to sleep at night without any problems but day sleeps are becoming impossible. Some days will take up to an hour (sometimes longer) to get her to sleep, even though she's really tired. She'll roll from her back to tummy then sit up and then stand. She hasn't figured out how to lie down so we have to keep going in and rolling her over. I guess she's just practicing her new skills but it's becoming really frustrating and could really do with some useful tips. Thanks.
I have gone through the same thing with DD. I just go in and lie her back down, rewrap her and leave her to it. Normally I have to do this 2-3 times but she does get there. The last few days she has just gone off to sleep with no troubles. I think when they first learn these new skills they just want to try them out. My DD has learnt to plonk back down although sometimes she does seem to get stuck standing and I just help her down.
I think like anything it just takes time - they just love to throw a curve ball after you think you have it all sorted!! I think they will always have the last word!! LOL smile

My little girl is growing up!

sorry to say this pixie123, but it was so reassuring to read that your 9.5 month old is doing exactly what i was on this forum trying to find an answer to.
honestly, while i was searching for an answer he woke and wouldn't resettle because he was standing. i offer him his soft, cuddly toy to fall down onto rather than a firm mattress. he seems to use it as a pillow to lay down onto and goes back, but GOSH i wish he'd learn to do this himself!
so if your bub has a toy, maybe offer this as a way of coaxing them back down. hope it works!
Hi there, my DS did the standing thing in his cot when he learnt to stand and I also did the lay down approach. He would just keep getting up and I would put him back down. This happened over 2 days, luckily only really on his day sleeps.

I got sick of lying him down and I basically did the lie down approach for about 10 or so lie downs then ended up leaving him and letting him bellow. He got the idea and laid down and eventually went to sleep. I probably had 2 or 3 days of bellowing at sleep time then he went back to normal sleeping again.
I am having the same problem DS he stands up as soon as he is put down. Most times we are having to lie him down about 20 times before he finally goes to sleep. Its a nightmare. I'm hoping its just a stage that he will very quickly grow out of.

Well its reasuring to know i'm not the only one with this problem. My 9 month old has been standing for about 3 weeks at bedtime and everytime he wakes, its very frustrating what to do. Ive done the SOS laydown technique for 5 days and my
DS is a hard nut i tell you. I think he persisted with being laid down for an hour and a half the first day or so. he's not happy about it at all, but i keep going anyway, hoping he'll get the message, i rub his back a bit and hope to ease him into sleep but it isn't easy. Anyway after a couple of days of this lie down thing, he's gone from waking every 45 mins or so overnight to waking twice, and also sleeping for nearly 2 hours during the day, rather than every 45 mins, so that's got to be good - BUT he still insists on standing up, even when he's practically asleep.
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