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My 5 month old loves his dummy but it has come to the point where he pushes it out of his mouth, starts crying and wants me to put it back in: day and night sleeps. I am torn about whether to try and wean him off it or not. It really helps him to get to sleep but I feel like he has now become reliant on it. Has anyone had same problem and what did you try?? I would love to hear of any of your stories.

I have a 51/2 mth daughter, she likes her dummy but I was determined that she wasn't going to be "addicted" to it. I let her have it generally only when she is ready for sleep. I have only just started to wean the dummy myself so am keen to hear your feedback - but this is what I've been doing. Once she is settled in her cot - I tell her she doesn't need it and gently take it out. If she fusses I then try to settle her in other ways if that doesn't work then I give it back and try all over again. We've just moved on now and she has the dummy as a settler, I remove the dummy once she is in her cot but still awake telling her to go to sleep and that she doesn't need it - we are still working on it but seems to be working so far. At first it was met with lots of crying but now she is better, we've still got a ways to go though.

I was in the same boat as you both, I too felt my DS was becoming to reliant on the dummy, I didn' mind him having it to sleep untill it started to become a problem overnight, waking up and me having to go and put it back in 4 times a night! At about 7 months my DS didn't really want it that much and was kind of just mucking about with it, so I just took it away and never looked back! It was hard for the first two weeks, but with the support of my partner i didn't give in. Of course it is alot easier to pop a dummy back in than dealing with a crying bub, but we persisted and it really has worked, my 10mth old is now sleeping 12 hrs overnight and has two full day sleeps (NOT ALWAYS OF COURSE). I believe that if you feel there is going to be problems with it, then mabye it is a good option, My son now has a teddy to sleep with, but atleast the teddy stays in his cot and I don't have to put that back in his mouth, good luck on your quest!
Like everyone else, I was determined for DS not to become reliant on the dummy and only gave it to him at sleep times. He was a catnapper from birth, so daytime sleeps were never great. We were getting up 12 times a night some nights to replace the dummy, so about a month ago, I decided that it had to go, and we haven't looked back since. The first night was the hardest - he cried for 20 minutes and fell asleep sobbing, but by the next night he fell asleep without a peep. Since then he's been sleeping from 7pm to 6-6:30am and has two 1.5 hour sleeps during the day. Sanity has been restored in our house!!
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