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Decided to get rid of the dummy last night .. Lock Rss

Hi All,

Let me begin by saying that the past 2 months have been just plain awful. My 6 month old DS used to sleep through, but suddenly began waking at night from about 4.5 months. After getting up to replace the dummy up to 12 times a night and then finally putting him into bed with me, I decided that last night was the night to get rid of it. He cried for about 20 minutes, then fell asleep sobbing - it broke my heart. He slept from 7pm to 5am though, had a feed, and then back asleep until 6:45am. This morning he cried for 20 minutes again, and just then it was only 10 minutes .. yay!

I a praying that the dummy was the cause of his night waking because I have tried everything else and am waitlisted for Tresillian as well.

My question for those of you who have done the same is, how long do babies take to fall asleep without crying at all? Secondly, does going away on holidays (in about a months time) mean that I have to start all over when we get back?
Congratulations on getting rid of the dummy. I got rid of my DS dummy when he was 4mths old though luckily he only had it during the day and not at night. Even though he never had it at night I think it was the reason he would always wake at 4am in the morning.

I used the settling techniques in the sleep section in the Huggies parenting section it worked but I did get crying and fighting sleep and I still do especially if DS is overtired or overstimulated before his sleeps. I found I had to be tough and walk out of his room and not continually hold/cuddle/pat him as it only made him worse.

Good luck with all of your efforts and remember throw away the dummy so you can't give in and give it back to your DS.
Congratulations, my bub is 4.5 months old and i took it away when he was 8 weeks old..... it was the best thing that i ever did. He was waking every hour or so for it, he is still not a great sleeper but he is getting better were down to 3 or less wakes in 12 hours so that is fantastic for a BF bub of his age.

Good luck, throw out the dummys before you or dad (coz they are so much weaker than us) give it back- i always reccomend mums write down what it was like before so if they are tempted to give it back they can remember why they took it away in the first place.

It didnt take Dallas long to get used to life without it- the first two days were hard and it was a peice of cake after that- he still GRIZZLES (i wouldnt say cry) at nighttime for some reason(max 5 min) but goes to sleep during the day with no problem.

Thanks so much for your supports mums. I was feeling really awful about all the screaming, but I am convinced that I am doing the right thing.

I will take your advise and throw out all the dummies as I am going out on Saturday night and DH will be home with bub. I'd hate to come home and find him with one in his mouth again!
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