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How long until your uglies return?? Rss

I've just finished breastfeeding about a week or two ago and was wondering how long until they returned? Obviously everyone is different but just a rough idea. Also will it be like before or heavier/lighter? And when do they start to become regular again (monthly)? Ta smile

Mine was 4 weeks- almost like it had been a cycle between finishing feeding and starting up again.
Mine was about 3 months after, I fed DD till 15 months. They were never regular, both in timing and in light/heavyness. Rather frustrating, because before I could almost pin point the time of day each month. Can't complain, I was pretty stoked not to have had them for so long.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

How's this for bad luck - still fully bf 5 mo DD, got mine a week ago. Very heavy and painful, but Dr says it is nothing to worry about, and maybe will get one every month from now on. Just not fair!

I stopped BF & mine started 2 days later. Mine was heavier & a little more painful than normal, but not too bad. Was surprised it happened that early.......

My baby never latched on so ive never been able to BF, dont u get your period when u BF? or is it because some women are on the minipill? Curious
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