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Weight loss and breast feeding Rss

Hi i was just wondering if anyone just keeps losing weight while breastfeeding.I started off at 57 kgs reached 82 kgs at the end of my pregnancy and am now weighing 54 kgs and its like every week i loose a little more.My baby is 4 1/2 months and i would love to continue feeding till about 1 yr. I am now eating more than ever so i just dont know what to do???

God I wish I had your problem when I got pregnant with my daughter I started out at 83kgs lost 5 kgs at 13 weeks and when DD was born at 36 weeks I put on the same weight I lost.
At 4 weeks pp I got down to 74 and have now put on about 4 kilos ARGH.Over a period of time I would like to get myself down to 70kgs.

DS Jacob 15/4/03 DD Kaitlyn 16/09/2008

So 4 weeks after baby u had lost 14 kgs thats great.Are u still breast feeding? Everyone told me the weight would just fall off and i didn't believe them till now.And now that it has i dont want it too. Just the way us females are i think!Even if your not still feeding 4 kgs isn't alot to loose you'll probably loose it just running around after the kids ha ha coz u no thats all we ever seem to do.

Yeah wish I had that problem too. I stopped counting after I put on about 20 kilos when I was pregnant!!!

Only a bit came off when Honey was born, so a few months ago I hired a personal trainer for 6 weeks and lost 9 kilos .. YAY!

If you're worried about your weight and you want to keep it on or put more on then just eat more carbs. That's what I was told to steer clear of during my program. But i'm allowed some now ... thank goodness!

unfortunantly it doesnt do much for me! i havent lost any weight since dd was 5 weeks, and she is 13 weeks now. Im still 4kgs from pre pregnancy weight and at one stage i had no apetite at all and it still didnt come off. I wish i could be as lucky as you!

I had the same experience whilst breast feeding DS2. I was eating heaps (including junk!) and the weight just kept dropping off me.

I bottle fed DS1 and it took a full year to lose all my baby weight.

Pre-pregnancy 2, I weighed 49kg,and put on 14kg whilst pregnant. I started losing weight after about a month of breast feeding. Last time I weighed myself I weighed 44Kg. I haven't got on the scales for about a month....was starting to worry and was too scared to check my weight!

Everyone said that it was so great (to start with!), then I began to get comments about how thin I looked. I stopped BF 3 weeks ago and I have not got on the scales yet,but I think I may have gained a bit cos my jeans feel a bit tighter.

Sorry I am no help, but you are not alone!


Hi, i've been BF my DS for 8 months, after about 5 months i was less that my pre-pregnancy weight, all my clothes are loose and i've had to adjust the buttons on everything and get new ones. The weight is just falling off, i'm eating much the same, but moving around heaps more chasing a baby and a preschooler. Everyone keeps saying how thin i am. I thought you were meant to get fat from breastfeeding, due to eating all that extra food we are meant to eat such as milk. Glad i'm not alone, i was starting to worry. When i eventually go back to work and sit down all day and drink coffee and biscuits, i'm sure i'll fit into my clothes again. lol.
Thanks so muck girls im glad im not the only one. Yes people keep saying to me too what have you been doing? As if i starve myself or something? But then they see how much i eat and are shocked and i have to eat about every 2-3 hours or im starving!!! And as 4 the girls that want to loose a couple of kgs send it this way please. My bubs almost 5 months and im going to introduce solids because i want to gain a couple of kgs i think this will help ???

Get your thyroid checked. I had the same story as you and found my weight loss was due to graves disease. A bit extreme but best to be on the safe side.

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

Hi! My DD is now 10 months old, and is still BF. I am also still loosing weight, much to the disgust of my sister who is always at the gym and eating salads, while I eat anything I want, including alot of chocolate! I started pre-pregnancy at 64kgs, got up to 80kgs, then had lost all my weight by 3 months, and am now down to 57kgs. While I love being thinner, I don't want to loose anymore weight either, as my clothes are started to hang off me, and I think a thinner face, makes me look more tired and older. Will be interesting to see what happens when we wean. I also think running around after baby, going for walks, housework etc help keep the weight off, as I never seem to sit down for long, like I used to at work? Also just a note on introducing solids, I haven't found this makes a huge difference. DD is currently teething so is waking twice a night and feeding again - ah, very exhusting, actually have to eat in the middle of the night to keep up with her!! I now just need to get off my butt and tone up, but who has the energy!??
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