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BABY WEIGHT. what works and what doesn't Rss

Posted by: Newmum25
A part of my Chinese New Year's Resolution. (Chinese because I missed out on sticking to it already). I am commiting to:

- No chocolate, No Soft Drinks, No junk food, No alochol -

You know I am so amazed at how displine I was when I was pregnant, I was so strict with what I ate. Now I find it hard to stop myself from having all the foods I avoided during pregnancy.

Anyway, I believe if you can stick to avoiding the above and just have healthy food, you'll be losing kilos.

OMG i was the same. I didnt even take any medicine at all not even panadol, and i was diagnosed with gestation diabetes so I ate all the right things. No tea, coffee, artificial coloring, preservatives, and most of all NO SUSHI. Can you image 9 month sushi free. But its so worth it to see him healthy and well.

I can do anything for bub but for me Im not motivated enough. and I used to be 55kg now im 73kg. I fell for the "EATING FOR TWO" bulls***. I thought everytime im hungry he doesnt have enough nutrients

I was also very careful during pregnancy! I laughed at the comment about being sushi-free for 9 months cause I can totally relate!! Sushi is my all-time favourite food and not being allowed to eat it for that long was torture, but I knew it was the safest thing to do! I didn't drink any coffee for ages (in the first trimester just the smell of it made me feel sick) but towards the end I would have the occasional latte or something, no more than 1 a day and my bub is just fine. No alcohol at all for 9 months either and still hardly drink now as I'm b/f. Plus did anyone have chronic heartburn/reflux while pregnant? I had it so bad - especially from 7 months - that every thing I ate would bring it on. So I only had small amounts of food. I think that helped me in not piling on the pounds. I lost a lot of the baby weight quickly which was good. I do think breastfeeding is playing a big part in keeping my weight at bay (as well as walking). But I still eat a lot of junk now!!

Omg I had reall bad heart burnt and the worst part i didnt even know what it was i just thought i was sick or something then i got a bounty bag and there was these tablets for it and it really helped. and I had really bad morning sickness as well almost everything i brush my teeth i throw up which even worst the not brushing lol

Hey, I lost 12kg in 2 months by cutting down portion size(thats my killer), eating more protein than carbs and having lots of s e x, lol. I know it sounds weird, but once we started doing it everyday and I took control the weight just melted off. I mean it is great exercise, you dont have to get a babysitter and your husband can join in. Another tip is if you crave sugar eat a red apple, it helps.


Breastfeeding helped the most, doing the odd walk as well.
Always eating breakfast ie: Low GI porridge and banana, with LSA(Linseed/sunflowers/Almonds)
Cut back on diary foods(thought it made DS eczma worst) and caffeine ie: chocolate/ milo, and added heaps more veggies and fruit to diet.As a result I weigh less now than before my DS was born(10mths) and when I was more active (running 5x per week).

I know eating healthy is the way to go but i just cant help myself.

and lemon detox so dont work for me especially when you have a baby to look after cos you cant eat anything and so you need lots of rest but with bub i cannot rest and just got a bad headaches.

my friend suggest we go play squash apparently is good to lose weight.Im so exhausted looking after bub when i have some spare time execrise is the last thing on my mind.

Loved the tips newmum22! LOL. I'm actually going to go back to the gym soon (probably one with a creche), not to lose weight as such but mostly to tone and strengthen my back, which has given me a lot of pain since bub was born. To g0rgeouz - squash is great fun! A fantastic workout and when I first tried it, had a lot of laughs with my girlfriend cause we were both beginners and just had fun.

I havent had time to go squash yet my bub only just recovered from croup and had to stay in the hospital for 2 days and then i got sick cos i had to sleep on those sofa beds right under the air con.

I totally run out of time to lose weight before my next baby. my son is already 8 months and im calculated if i fell pregnant now they are still going to be 17 months apart.

[Edited on 30/01/2009]
I'm still where i started should i be happy that i didnt put any weight on or mad that i didnt lose any? lol.

How is everyone going with their baby weight?

OMG I am having the same problem. Want to try for a 2nd baby mid year and have yet to lose baby weight from DD who is now 7 months old!

I was 54kg before pregnancy, balloooooned to 72kg before birth, went down to 62kg two weeks after birth - and was SO HAPPY. Then breastfeeding made me so hungry, I started eating like a horse and ballooned back to 68kg! Now I'm desperately trying to lose it.

Feel so depressed - like I'm back to square one. And my belly is so flabby that I hide it with empire waisted tops and dresses, only to have people ask if I'm expecting another baby! SO UPSETTING!!

Anyway, I'm trying to stay motivated to losing this weight. I'm on the SOUTH BEACH Diet and get all my meals delivered to me. I'm also trying to swim at least twice a week (I know I should do more but I'm being realistic, what with looking after DD).

Let's keep each other posted of our progress! I will start a support thread for weight loss goals smile
I havent been eating much lately and two weeks i lost almost 4 kg but my BOOBS went smaller which is depressing and i still have a POT BELLY. I read on huggies that for some women no matter how hard they diet or execrise their pot belly would never go away. Im so freaked out.

How do you lose weight without losing your boobs? or get rid of pot belly?

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