We've all been there...babies cry for so many reasons - hunger, over stimulation, being tired or if they are sick...but sometimes no matter what you try they just don't give up. We've put together some ideas but we'd love to hear from you - what have you tried that works?

1. Try giving your baby a relaxation bath and massage. Massage has many benefits, including enhancing the parent infant relationship and reduced stress levels in baby. (See our Baby Massage videos and Technique guide:

3. It's normal that non-stop crying takes its toll on you. We are designed to react to a crying baby. It's biologically impossible to ignore your own baby crying! So take a moment to see if you are feeling anxious, or upset and if you are, place your baby in their cot, and take a few minutes to relax before picking up your baby.

4. Movement often helps or a change of scenery - try going for a walk with your baby.