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Summer air conditioning with a three month old baby Rss

Hi - I hope someone can help!

I live in the tropics and currently use the air conditioner in my DD's room set to 23 degrees, she usually wears a short sleeve no leg onesie to bed with a love to dream wrap and a super light blanket on top, is this enough? What does everyone usually do for their bubs in the summer months?

That sounds fine. Better they are a bit cooler than too hot. Its hard to know what to dress them in sometimes!

Most doctors agree that it is safer to use a cooler or an air conditioner with a newborn than to let him stay in a hot, airless and humid environment. Changes in the outside heat and humidity can affect the cooling of your AC or cooler.It is important to maintain a comfortable room temperature and to clean air fiter and all the ducts drom the dust . This company will do everything in just few hours , profesonaly and accuratly . And you and your baby will continue to be in the enveroment with fresh and clean air
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