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leaking nappies of a night Rss

Hi DS will be 6mths this month and he sleeps from 7.30pm till 7am. He is in Huggies toddler nappies. For the past week i have been having to change his sheets every day because he wakes up saturated (its not waking him through the night though). I know this is a huggies website but have you found any other brand nappies to be better for night time?

I still use Toddler nappies on my 9 month old even though his weight means he should be in the crawler nappies. Perhaps go up a size for nighttime nappies, or double nappy him, one toddler & one junior?


I have the same issue with my 3 month old, i have to change him around 2pm before his night feed without waking him to much which is nearly always impossible as he is fully awake by this time, but if i dont change him i end up having to change him and the bed because he wont sleep if he is wet. I have tried every brand but nothing works, even put him in a bigger size but found thats worse because the elastic around sides dont fit his little chicken legs.LOL. Would love to know any tricks of the trade.

If i put two nappies on him do i have to piece holes in the first nappy for the excess to leak through to second nappy or not?

you could try putting a nappy liner in as well for night sleeps, it may just catch the bit thats coming out of the nappy. is it going up the back or the sides? just put the nappy liner closer to where it seems to be leaking. should save a lot of washing and you won't need to change nappy brands if you don't want to!

Sorry huggies, but i've had zero success with huggies nappies for night time. I find baby love and aldi nappies have never leaked at all. DS now 8 months, fed 3 times over night and no nappy change till morning and no leaks.
We use Baby Love and dd has gone at least 12 hours in these quite often.
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