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Little red dots rash Rss

Hi guys....first time writing on here but I didn't know where else to turn.

Seems my little 4 month old developed a rash exactly 1 week ago. First noticed it on the sides of his torso and thought might be some type of nappy rash where the nappy bands rub against his side's. They are tiny little red bumps that seemed to cluster closely together but after a few days it had spread to a wider area so I took him to his doctor...she didn't really inspect it at all and said his skin is just dry and to put lotion. I have been doing this for few days but it is still spreading. I dont really trust her opinion. I'm wondering if anyone can help give me some insight if they know what it might be and what I can use to treat it. I'm trying so so so very hard not to freak out.

Thanks in advance
Is it possible that it is a heat rash? How hot is it where you are?
I'm thinking it could be because spring just kicked in here in Europe. Had a little freak out yesterday when my dad suggested it might be rubella however baby hasn't had a fever....not too sure. I'm going to call another doctor today and see if I can take him in.
Hi Melanie,

I understand that its a very tough condition for you but don't worry I am sharing a link with you

Please check it, May this helpful for you..

God Bless You..

Rashes can be quite common. So I wouldn't worry too much. Is the baby bothered by it? That would be a bigger problem the. Anyway, my advice would be to check with another doctor. And take anything people, and yes, it includes your parents, say or the stuff you google with a grain of salt.
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