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Extremely bad wind pains! Constantly crying all day in pain! Lock Rss

R Gray!!. Its very disturbing to know about the condition of ur baby. No doubt he is too weak tolerate all this stuff. My baby was having this trouble for about 6 months after his birth. My baby also cried for 3 to 4 hours and his tummy also get so stiffed at times. Some f the doctors said that it’s a gastric problem or colic. I used to give her colic drops about 1 to 3 times a day. My baby has still a problem of constipation and it gets worse sometimes. I give her fruit juices and a plenty of water for that. I also swaddled her daily for colic relief. I think it would be helpful for u.
Hello ladies. If you are scared and not getting any results from doctor visits, please take him to a children's hospital emergency room or urgent care center immediately. Emergency doctors are not "catch-all" doctors that should be used in order to cure just anything, however, his pain is reason enough for him to be seen by one of them to at least hold him over until you can get to see a doctor that is serious about your son's care. Many times the ER can make a referral to a really good specialist and get you into seeing them quickly.
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