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When is too soon for another baby? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone

My fiance and I became proud parents of a baby boy who was born in September this year. We are so in love with our little man smile.

I will be turning the big 3-0 and he is three years older. We have a mortgage and are making the most of the PPL which has been great. As we are both getting on a little in age, I'm wondering what others thoughts were on conceiving soon after birth?

It took me 8 months to get pregnant with DS (and I am still breastfeeding)and we dont want to wait too long (as in years) to have our next baby. DOes anyone know if there is any reason why you should wait? My first pregnancy was very smooth and no complications and I had a natural delivery without pain relief with minor tearing.

Are there any medical reasons why you should wait a certain amount of time?

I'll be seeing my obstetrician next week for DS check up and I will ask her the same question.

Thanks heaps

theres a much higher chance of miscarriage and other things happening concieving again within a year, your body needs time to recover, I'm sure your obstetrician will have a better answer than me lol I can see why you wouldn't want to wait too long, congrats smile
They say it's best to wait a year to let your body recover. I'd be waiting at least 6 months.
(I meant congrats on your September bub smile )
My bub was born in Feb and I fell pregnant with #2 in August. My doc wasn't worried at all. He seemed to think since I had no major worries the previous time and they were so close then this time should be just the same. He even suggested not bothering to have a 12 week scan caus he said my last preganncy was fine so this one should be too. I still booked to have the scan and would definatly recommend having it. I ended up having it early caus then the doc got worried bub was in the wrong place but everything was fine.

I'd say if you feel ready then go for it.
I fell pregnant with DS2 when DS1 was 9 months old and had no problems at all.
Like you I had no problems in my 1st pregnancy and had a smooth drug free Birth but I did tear. The 2nd pregnancy and birth were the same as the 1st.

I had the twins in April by c-section and then in oct i found out i was going to have another one and i had her VBAC.

I think it all comes down to personal preference although i do understand that there are some risks invloved in falling pregnant so soon after having your baby.

I had my first daughter in May of 2010 and my second in Sept this year and had no issues assides from some personal ones.

within the first year after having a baby it is always easier to conceive so i say if you and your partner are wanting another go for it, speak to your doctor about it as well but i don't see the problem.

Congrats on your baby and goodluck with what you choose to do grin
I would start trying after 6 months if you are worried it might be hard to conceive.
It would be tiring to be pregnant and still getting up throughout the night. Especially during the 1st trimester... Yuk! blink
But heaps of women do it successfully and there would be advantages to having children close in age.
Congrats on your little one.
I have a good friend whose children are 13 months apart, she was really sick with her second and all the doctors could put it down to was not quite being recovered from her first. Had a few vitamin deficiencies.
One of the mums in my forum group had a baby in Dec 2010 and is due with her 2nd on Dec 5th 2011. Less than a year apart. And she hasn't had problems.

I think c-sections can be a bit trickier though.
It took us a year & a half to concieve baby number 1 so I wasnt taking any chances waiting to try again. Bub was only 3mths old when I fell pregnant again & i wouldnt change a thing. It means extra work but not much, its more just doing everything twice. At 23mths & 11mths now they are best mates.
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