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Colic and reflux. Please help I'm going insane! Lock Rss

My 15 week old DS has been diagnosed with colic and reflux. I can't put him down, or even change his nappy without him screaming. The only time he is quiet is when he is in my arms in an upright position, or on the boob. He won't sleep unless he is in my arms. Other than that he just screams nnon stop.

I have tried everything I can possibly think of, (raising cot, bumpy pram wslks, car rides, boiled water, gripe water, nap sacks, formula for reflux, blah blah but nothing seems to work.)

After a trip to pediatrician he was put on Zoton tablets for his relux and that has helped a little bit, but i still can't lay him down.

would love to hear from other yummy mummys that have/had colicy reflux babies. What did you do?

Please help me i'm going insane.
M xx
Best thing I ever discovered with DD1 who was a very colicy bub was bouncing on a swiss ball. I have no idea why it worked, but it did. So we did a lot of bouncing. I also switched her to lactose free formula which basically cured her colic, so no more bouncing needed. But until then, yes, the bounce with the bizz. We did also have some luck with Brauer's colic relief drops.

Hope it settles for you soon smile
We went through (still are) the same thing with our son. It was a nightmare! Tried so many different things like thickner in his milk, feeding him upright, changing him on the change mat with a pillow so he is elevated, keeping him upright for 30 mins post feed, elevated bassinette/cot, no jiggling or rocking IYKWIM, tried Domperidone which was usless & changed to Losec (it was a godsend). I dreaded change time, he always screamed but it did get better & a mobile helped distract him once he was abit older. The best things that work for our son are feeding him upright & keeping him still & sitting up for 30 mins, we change him before a feed, not after unless soiled, I found he tolerated my breast milk better when I expressed (slower flow) it into a bottle but he is on formula now (it also helps bcus it is just that little bit thicker). Sorry if I'm not much help. It sounds like you are doing everything you can & may just need to find a better medication to take away your DS's pain & then things will improve.

hi i swear by 'LARDNER'S HERBAL COLIC MIXTURE' he sends it all over the world .
He is located at Heathwise pharmacy Horsham Plaza
ph: 03 5382 6006

Also have you tried cutting cows milk from your diet , that seems to help too. Also putting a hot water bottle or heat pack on bubs tummy .
good luck smile
My 6 month old had the same thing from 3 weeks. We took him to the paediatrician and he was put on Losec but the Dr also said to give him 2mls of Gaviscon with every feed - the adult peppermint variety not the childrens one - and this really seemed to help with the reflux. He said it sat on top of the milk in the stomach and help to keep in down and also made it less acidic. We also used the Brauers Colic relief.

On the positive side he is now nearly 7months and off the colic relief and gaviscon and just on the losec. And once he sits up on his own we can stop that. He is a big fat happy baby very different from the 3week old!!

The other thing to note if you do end up with Losec - it takes 2 weeks to achieve its full potential so dont give up after a few days.

Good luck (sorry for the long post)
my twins both had reflux, and one also had colic.

for the colic i found Infants Friend really helped.

for the reflux, the best thing they have had was medication called "probitor" - it comes in a capsule which you pull apart and it has little tiny balls of the medicine in it, give half in the morning and half in the evening. they didn't start on this until they were on solids, so it was mixed in with their food. before solids they were on losec - its the same medicine (omeprazol ?spelling) but the probitor just worked heaps better.

also starting them on solids helped a lot.

and we also did the angled mattress/keeping upright 30mins after feed etc things....
Ive been there and i feel your pain! They like to feed heaps as it is cooling for them but then it makes the pain worse. My DS was on Zoton too, it sounds like your bub needs his medication dose increased - whenever my son was getting refluxy again that was the reason. Otherwise the Zoton changed him from being quite happy and settled to screaming, not sleeping and not laying down. Also depending where you are (im in WA) but i used to go to a hospital pharmacy and they would make up the Zoton in a medicine, so much easier to give bub, also aske for it flavored.

You sound like you are doing everything right. Reflux bubs also like dummies as that helps them as they like to suck.

My DS also has colic which did stop the day he turned 3months! I found infacol really helped him with that.

He also never slept day or night cos i couldnt lie him down so we went to a sleep clinic and that saved my life as he learnt to sleep. By that time though his reflux was under control with the Zoton. When they are on the right dose they are very settled and you can lie them down. but by that time they dont want to sleep as they associate lying down with pain which is understandale. Because he never slept especially at night i had lots of ppl say give him a bottle of formula and he will - it was the worse thing i did as being colicy and refluxy it really upset his tummy adn he didnt sleep either. My pead said it was the worse thing for him so i just kept breastfeeding and did so until he was 14.5months.

Please PM if you need to my DS is almost 30months and he only just came off it at 25months!!!
My niece had colic... at her wits end, SIL took her to a childrens chiropractor.
It could have been a coincidence (niece was around 5mths at the time) & she naturally grew out of the colic, but after the 1st visit to the chiro there was a vast improvement & after a few visits she was a completely different baby.
I had the same problem with my DD at exactly the same time. Things went downhill and she was screaming all night and during the day at times as well. Finally we put her on Losec and it helped almost immediately. However she now has constipation due to the medication. We have tried taking her off the Losec a few times but she has went straight back to the screaming.

We have finally had her on the same dosage of Losec for a few weeks and she has started to bea lot more settled at night.

Hang in there, it is truly awful and you do feel insane but it will get better and your bub will become happier. Make sure you keep going back to your doctors if you are not happy
Reflux is such an awful thing for baby and parent. My DD had it bad where i ended up sleeping for the 1st month propped on a boomerang pillow with her in my arm upright, it was the only way we both got any sleep.

This time round I am so much more prepared. Yesterday I bought a 'First Years airflow wedge' for baby. I was going to buy the Baby Wedge until I saw this for half the price and its the same thing. Bought it from Toys R Us. This just sits in the cot and u sleep baby on it. Its raised and it has positioners either side so baby cant roll or slide down.

When changing DD on change table I had a little baby cushion so her head was always raised which made it comfortable for her.

Always make sure baby isn't lying flat and it will help their comfort hugely. Another thing I use to do was put a boomerang pillow in the corner of the couch and lay her on it for rest and sleep time.

When feeding I would stop every 50mls and burp her which seemed to help keep it down. I have heard Losec is a godsent. I was never offered it with DD as I don't think my dr new about it.

Also I changed her formula to Goats Milk which helped with the Colic and Reflux.
I hope I have helped.
I understand how it feels. My little boy has colic too. Have you tried Infacol. This really help. Since 4 weeks old I have changed his formula to Novalac colic. This makes his pain decreasing gradually.Before he is pain during day time after feeding he started to cry. Then at nite every 2 minutes he will crunch arch bent his leg towards his chest, and groan a lot. Didnt really sleep well. Since he is on Novalac the pain during day time getting less. And during night time is gradually decreasing. Now he is 3 months already, the pain is much less than before, but he still unsettled at 6 am in the morning may be for half an hour or sometimes more. And yes bouncing does help a bit. And dummy too. I guess with dummy and bouncing holding him into your arm he forgot about the stomach pain and tried to get sleep. When he sleep I lay him down on the side left or right. This also helps him. Just to make sure dont feed him with timing too close.At least 2-2.5 hours per feeding.If you could do 3-4 hours that is even better.
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