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7mth old constipation? any hints...... Rss

hi, my ds has constipation, he is now fully ff, with solids. i can hear him straining to push it out then just farts and little bits come. i feel so bad for him i can tell hes trying but just not getting anywhere.
any suggestions that might help get rid of it or just help anyway would be great!!

my first

My DS was constipated last week so we gave him about 50mls of warm boiled water with about half a teaspoon of brown sugar. It took about 6 hours for him to produce a really big poo.

Hope this helps, it is not good having to watch them suffer with constipation.
You could try some diluted prune juice. Also could it be the type of formula he is on? I have heard s26 is especially constipating. To prevent constipation you can add an extra 10mls of water to each bottle as this can help. Goodluck
If you don't have any luck trying the natural remedies (always good to try them first as they sometimes work a treat), you can go to the chemist and get COLOXYL DROPS . You just a few drops of these to their drink and it usually works anywhere from straight away to within half a day (with my boys anyway). Very best of luck..

Hi, I would offer some fruit juice (you can buy the baby juices) and extra water throughout the day. Also you could feed him some pear or apple puree as they are high in pectin and helps with owel movements.If all else fails I would speak with a pharmacist who may be able to recommend something. My daughter who is 7.5 months has been through a similar thing (although hers was related to cows milk protein allergy) and the Paed suggested no 'Coloxyl'drops, as they contain ethanol which is a form of alcohol.
Goodluck it is a horrible thing to watch your bubba go through.
I have always given my DS a teaspoon of linseed meal on his breakfast. I was giving it in the oil prior but I heard that the Grounded version has more fibre plus all the normal great nutrients. He is now 13months and I still give the linseed even though he has not been constipated since 6months.
You could try giving him spinach, pears or prune. Usually when my DD needs to go I mainly get 4 prunes boil them and then puree and give to bubs. Not too much because it might give them a sore tummy but just enough to get the system going again ..... also try and keep him off rice cereal if he's eating that at the moment. That tends to constipate them also ... Good luck
All these remedies will probably work however you need to look at why he's constipated in the first place otherwise it will be ongoing.

Once they are on solids they need to drink water on a daily basis and that is the preferred option to fruit juice which is high in sugar and not good for their teeth - they are much better off eating fruit.

Banana, white bread, farex... are just some things that can cause constipation, that and not enough water in his diet to help his body process the food. Look at what he's eating which is leading to the constipation then modify his diet, it might be that he can only eat a little of those foods but if he regularly drinks water this should assist.

You dont want to have to medicate him all the time so he can poo, it can be managed through diet (unless there's a structural problem like a blockage but that's rare).
I think I'll probably cover what some pp might have mentioned but I'll go ahead anyway just in case smile

Diet plays a huge role in constipation so if he's fully on solids then he needs to be having sips of water during the day and with meals and you might need to eliminate any constipating foods such as white bread, farex, bananas and biscuits. If he's been recently introduced to meats or legumes then you may need to cut these out for the meantime and then slowly re-introduce them.

Giving him plenty of fresh fruit should make a huge difference. I found that giving some mashed pawpaw mixed with a little brown sugar is great to help get things moving again. Diluted prune juice is also excellent in moderation. My MCHN also recommended adding 10mls extra water into each bottle to help prevent constipation but unfortunately this won't actually get rid of constipation if it's already there.

It may take a few days to see results once you make diet changes and if it doesn't work then you may need to use Coloxyl drops which is a stool softener (this can also take around 3 days to start seeing results). Try to avoid using medication like laxatives unless the problem persists and your GP recommends it as they can have long term affects on the bowel.

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