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Colds Lock Rss

Does anyone have any useful tips for helping alleviate colds in babies? Does anyone do anything else apart from eukybear rub and karvol drops? Anything to help clear their noses so they can drink better? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
You can get saline spray or drops for their noses - we have got one called "little noses" that can also come with a sucker to suck the snot out after it has been thinned down with the drops. My daughter hates it but it does help her drink and sleep better. We only use it when the benefit is likely to outweigh the screaming and holding her down to do it though! Apparently some kids don't mind too much so it can be worth a try.
I bought a vicks vapouriser from the chemist and was a great investment! It also helps them sleep better too. Hope this helps
If you're breastfeeding, there's a great recipe for something you can drink that will go through your milk to help your baby get better faster. It tastes a bit gross, but I have used it twice and it has really helped DD get better faster (and me too!)

Take the juice of 6 lemons, 1 clove of garlic, 1 piece of ginger the size of a 50c piece, and 1 tsp of black pepper. Blend it all up together. 1/4 fill a mug with this mixture, and top up with hot water. Add as much honey as you need (I use 3 big tsp). Drink. Put the rest in the fridge, and repeat every 4 hours until it's all gone.

Vaporiser with the door shut.
Put a pillow under the cot matress to raise it at one end. That will help the mucus to run down the back of the throat instead of sitting in bubs head.
Rub Vicks Baby Balsam on the soles of bubs feet and put socks on overnight to help reduce coughing.
Saline drops for the nose.
Panadol when nothing else works - sometimes everything hurts when you're sick and babies can't tell us this.

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