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WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BABY????????????????? Rss

I am going crazy!! my DD is nearly 8 months old and has been the most happiest content little girl since day dot, she slept through for the first time when she was 2 days old, and has been sleeping through ever since, she never ever cries, she is constantly smiling, and everyone tells me they have never seen such a content happy baby! until...........

one week ago all of a sudden she has changed..... she is constantly winging, crying, moaning 24/7, taking 2.5 hours to go to sleep at night time, kicks,cries and screams when she has to be changed, nothing is good enough, normally if she gets grumpy and i pick her up she is fine but not anymore even when i pick her up, i can't explain to you properly what she is actually like, i have never seen her like this she screams so loud and i don't know what for especially when this is not like her at all!!!!!!!!!

she is sleeping fine during the day, her diet hasn't changed, no new foods, no new formula, no new routine, she is not hot we have air con and fans, not hungrey not over tired, not teething my mum is a dentist and checks her gums very regulary. no temperature, no rashes, no red cheeks, no pulling ears,

i am stuck, and i am so upset i can't stop crying i feel like i have lost my little girl, i feel so bad for her like something in wrong and i can't help her or fix her, she is breaking my heart seeing her soooooo grumpy and upset, i want to help her so bad but i have run out on what to do.

can somebody please help me with any advice, is this happening to anyone else and their precious baby??????



I think i'd be taking her to the doctor - to be one the safe side if she is so constantly miserable. Doesn't sound like much fun for the poor bub. Good luck.
Just thinking... could be like an ear infection, urinary tract infection, kidney infection etc. You can't really see these things but they can be painful and aren't always accompanied with a temperature. Not an expert, just a thought.
[Edited on 05/12/2008]
hi, thanks for the advice i am getting her to the doctors today hopefully with an answer, will let u know

keep the ideas/advice coming if you have any!!

sorry i don't have any advice but i hope the dr manages to get to the bottom of it for you, it sounds like you and her are both very stressed.

good luck.

been to the doctor this morning, and can't find anything medically wrong, she checked out healthy, and was of course smiling for the doctor! so i am clueless

Hey Meggan,

I may be way off track in suggesting this, but maybe Ava is just going through a phase. We're in the April bubs forum together and it seems that a few of the babies are going through the same sort of issues at the moment. Zac seems to be constantly grumpy. He cries for no reason, doesn't want to be near me but doesn't want to be far from me. He's fussy over his food and in general is driving me nuts. He doesn't want to sleep, but he's constantly tired. It could be the changes in the weather, or it could be that she's growing up and is fretting about things that are going on around her that she doesn't understand.

Zac's always been the same as Ava... sleeping through from the start and the easiest most chilled out bub most people have ever met. Which is what leads me to think it's just a stage he's going through.

Are there any external factors that are stressing you or your partner out? Babies are good at picking up on negative vibes and it seems to stress them out. We were having money problems and Zac seemed to pick up on it... he stopped sleeping through the night for a few days and was very quiet- which is really unusual for him because he's a very noisy, boisterous kid!

I don't know if any of this has helped, but if she doesn't seem to calm down, perhaps see if you can find a baby expert to ask about her.

Good luck. I hope Ava is feeling more herself real soon!
my Addison did this around 8 months also, constantly whingy, i couldn't move a metre away without her fretting, refusing food, taking ages to go to sleep, stranger anxiety (even with people she seen regularly, like my beautician!) and then after a few weeks it stopped and she was back to her normal happy self again. I put it down to frustration with not being able to do what she wanted, pull up, crawl properly and also asserting her independence in a small way....i couldn't see any other reason for it....hope it gets better soon


My DS who is 7 months old is going through this same phase at the moment and its driving me nuts as well enough to put me into tears as well. He just seems whingy all day long doesn't seem to be satisified playing on the floor in his swing even in a walker. He just cries all day long but its not like a pain cry its just I am whingy cry. I don't know what else to do as well.... He has never been the best sleeper and it has even got worse lately especially the day sleeps. What can we do... Plus I have a 2 1/2 year old who is also whingy at the moment. Why me.....

Ryan 3 and Jaiden 16months....

Chase is in this Stage too Meggan. I can't leave a room without him screaming and he isn't sleeping through any more. Lets just hope it passes soon smile

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