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Hi, my baby was immunized on monday for rotavirus, i was wondering if ayone elses baby has had side effects from this?
He seems to be vomiting alot more frequently and has extremely bad wind pain.. its horrible, but apparently normal?
Yes at my DD2's 4 month immunization she had a fever the following morning. On checking with my nurse who gave them she said that it would have been from the rotavirus. Come the following night she was fine though.
My little one had his today, I think rota virus is a live vaccine so you should expect similar symptoms as GASTRO. Dallas has been grizzling all arvo......he is asleep now, i think it mite be a bad night.

[Edited on 16/05/2008]

my bub was fine after the 2 month one but after the 4 month one last week (and this may just be conincidence and nothing to do with the vaccine) she had a fever and gastro symptoms (vomting, runny poo). Also hardly drank her bottles for 3 days.
Hoping it is just a coincidence

It was a really bad night which doesnt make sense coz they are the same vaccines he recieved at 2 months- he has been grizzling and grunting all night i ended up keeping him in my bed after about 10 times up and he just wont take panadol he spits it out. i also think his teeth are on the way so its hard to work out what his problem is. i feel really useless at the moment... i should be able to help him, but nothing is settling him.


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