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ear peircing??? anyone have an opinion on it??? Rss

I had mine done at 6 months, my Mum said I cried initially, she put my dummy in and I went straight to sleep.

I had my second ones done for my 13th birthday, didn't hurt then either.

I wanted my daughters done when she was a baby but DH did not. He wants then done when she's older. She's 4 now, and I think it's too late, she'll have to wait till she's a fair bit older. It's much easier to get it done while they are young.

DD (28/09/03) & DS (05/06/07)

my cousin had her two girls done when they were about 5-6mths, both cried, but i think it was the shock of the gun sound. they were hard to hold still, we had both ears done at the same time, which was easier. put there dummies in and a cuddle afterwards they were fine. by the way my cousin didn't want to see them cry either so she got me to go in and hold them.
the younger the better, they will not try and take them out because they get use to them being there.

jodie mum to tyler 21/09/05 and alex 04/03/2007

Hi there!

If you are feeling pressured to get your daughters ears pierced, I would suggest that you definatly don't do it. You are obviously not comfortable with it and why should we do stuff that is painful for our kid, goes against our gut feeling just for the sake of fulfilling other peoples desires! If they keep pressuring you, you could perhaps tell them that you will pierce her belly button at the same time! That might make them stop!

Personally, I don't think babies should get their ears pierced in the same way I don't think any other part of them should be pierced. It is solely for fashion. I think they should be able to ask for it themselves and know what they are requesting. It isn't going to hurt less because they are a baby.

You should go with your gut feeling and listen to your own mothers instinct....

All the best!! smile

thanx again for all your great advice. Im not feeling pressured and i definately wouldnt just get them pierced because someone else told me too. i am definately going to get them pierced soon just because, well i had mine done while i was a baby. i also think she might look like more of a girl if she had them done.

personally im not against piercings. ive had my belly button done 2 times b4.

thanx again

Casey, Nsw

Firstly let me say that I am definitely not against piercings, I had 8 all over all different parts of my body at one stage. But you asked for personal opinions so here's mine - I think that pierced ears on babies looks tacky and cheap. It's like putting jewelery or nail polish on them - it just doesn't belong. Babies are so beautiful and natural as they are - surely something like this can wait until they are older? I wasn't allowed to get my ears done until I was 12 years old and I don't wish I had them earlier. This is more for the parent's benefit rather than the child. As for her looking more like a girl - why not dress her in pink or wait until her hair grows a bit?
I wish you the best in what you choose to do but this is my opinion - don't pierce!!


i am actully totally against it until they are old enough to ask for it done themselves! you might find chemists wont do it on babies.... in my home town anyway, and i think there is a reason for it!!! my friend got her baby done when she was 6 months old and she said she screamed like she had never heard her scream before!!! if you have your own ears pierced just remember how your ears felt a few days after, very sore and you cant touch tem or lie on them!!!
its just cosmetic and babies dont need it i think!!
[Edited on 26/11/2007]

I believe ear piercing is decision they can make for themselves............

DD1 had hers done at 5 when she asked and the same will apply to DD2........
my daughter turns one on tuesday and i got her ears piersed yesterday. it was fine!she cried for 30 seconds max and then she was fine! just let her look in the mirror when theyre done and MAKE SURE they do them both at the same time! DONT DO THEM ONE AT A TIME or you wont get the other one done. she will look absolutly beautiful. and its your daughter, if u want them done, just do them!
so dont worry, she will cry only because of the noise and for 30seconds.
little girls look so cute n girly with their ears piersed!
My DD1 was 4yo when she asked to have it done. She held her Barbie and was fantastic. The hairdressers where she had it done praised her for being such a brave girl as others would cry and have such a hard time.

With DD2 .. we'll do the same, wait for her to ask. That way it'll be her choice. I was 8yo when I had my first piercing.

living the life of a Navy wife and mum.

Here's my honest opinion, which is similar to another post.

I don't like it at all. I think it looks awful. My mum made me wait until I was ten before I got mine done, but prior to that I only started wanting it done at 9yrs old.

Everytime I see a baby with her ears pierced I cringe. They don't need it done.

I eventually ended up with three holes in each ear through my teens and it didn't hurt much. It was a quick pinch and then it was over. People should wait until their kids are old enough to want them done themselves.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Hi Casey,
I think that a child should be left to make that call for themself.I think that if they are old enough to want it done then fine, but at the end of the day you are the mum and will know whats right for your child.
I pieced my daughter's ears when she was 4mths and a half.
I read it is best to do it after they have had their 4mths immunisation needles to protect themselves from common skin reactions.
She cried a little but she is fine and I had no problems. I went to a place my friends did - are u in melbourne - its in Niddre. They were lovely!
My friends told me to do it while she is young cos it wont hurt as much and if I do it when she is older she will keep playing with her ears and end up with an infection.

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